Ted Fitzgerald looks at the benefits of training videos and how they help crew to follow important safety procedures

If you’re a senior officer or captain on a reasonably sized yacht, chances are it’s at least twice as big as those you started on, has more complex procedures, more crew, and subject to more stringent regulations.

Time is always of the essence on yachts and while it’s a given fact that safety is important, it’s also imperative to get that replacement generator or a new AV system for the boss.

For 18 years in this business Clear Blue Sky Video have worked with senior crew and listened to their problems. They take responsibility seriously but find an issue maintaining safe operating standards with new and existing crew from different nationalities, with mixed experience, training from different schools, and the invincible bravado of youth on their side.

All this and then one has to deal with all the other pressures of helping run the boat.

This leads to confusion for crew, and frustration for officers. The recent spate of maritime accidents and incidents has attracted adverse publicity and recriminations. Of course training, manuals and drills are important but they are only part of today’s available resources. Crew today get their information from Google or You Tube. Ask a question, they reach for their phone. That’s where we come in as Clear Blue Sky Video.

The benefits and relevance of video as a training resource have been proven by many shore-based and marine companies where it’s often now a mandatory part of the induction and work process.

Yes, yachting is a different business, but not so different that additional safety resources such as video should not be used. Over many years Clear Blue Sky, with Da Gama Maritime, have developed successful packages for providing yacht-specific video training solutions.

All yachts are different, so there is no ‘one-size-fits-all‘ solution, it’s all ’Yacht-specific’.

CBS work with the yacht’s on-board SOPS, and Safety Officer. We spend 2 days filming your procedures on board.(normal boat routines are not impacted). Procedures such as emergency boat launch, tenders & toys, life-rafts, heli ops, medical, security, working aloft, familiarisation and more are filmed in action, and described with narration and captions. The 12 short videos are assembled into a media package, VSOPS, which is securely loaded onto the yacht’s server. Crew can play VSOPS videos on board via smartphones, tablets and on the crew mess screen for teaching sessions. Updates and revisions can be done on a regular basis and analytics allow the Safety Officer to monitor progress and provide related questions for crew.

With this package CBS work with established training companies such as Da Gama Maritime, Heli Decks and others providing a 2-3 day on-board fire and safety training package. We film these training sessions and drills, making them more imperative with dramatic footage from on-shore fire schools. These are later viewed by the crew in the VTRAIN media package in the ‘Netflix’ style described above.

These 2 packages are filmed specifically for your yacht, with your procedures, your safety drills, your equipment and your crew. For your crew.

This approach and has been applied to many large yachts over the last few years and we’re proud to say that responses from crew and management has been extremely positive with several more very large projects scheduled for the next 12 months.

We look forward to helping you enhance your on-board safety regime.
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