Safety systems onboard


Whether underway or at anchor, and with yachts cruising to more remote corners of our Ocean, owners and crew need to be safe in the knowledge that you have clear vision of whatever lies beneath the waves or above

Nightwave is a first-of-its-kind colour digital night vision camera built around SIONYX’s patented Black Silicon CMOS sensor that offers unparalleled <1 millilux moonless starlight sensitivity. This advanced technology displays high-resolution colour images and videos with exceptional clarity, allowing crew to experience heightened visual acuity at night. Unlike thermal imaging, which relies on temperature gradients to create images, digital night vision employs state-of-the-art sensors and advanced image processing algorithms to capture detailed and vibrant visuals, showcasing an impressive level of colour accuracy, contrast and depth perception. Nightwave provides a stable 44-degree field of view increasing situational awareness to spot unexpected obstacles, debris and vessels lending a true-to-life representation of the scene. Users can run the camera through a boat’s MFD via analog or stream to any mobile device that supports Android or iOS through the SIONYX app. href=””>


If you’re looking for a satellite tracking system that can provide real-time position information and alerts, GOST is a perfect choice. The award-winning technology uses Geostationary Satellites to continuously monitor your yacht’s location, so you can always be sure it’s safe. Plus, the system works with any device, so you can keep track of your yacht no matter where you are in the world. Benefits include: real-time satellite tracking, geo-fence alert systems, remote arm & disarm, global coverage, position history, plus you can B track multiple fleets of vessels. For more than 15 years, GOST has been a leading provider of satellite tracking, video surveillance, security and monitoring solutions. With innovative products and a commitment to research and development, the team of talented engineers and security professionals are dedicated to producing user-friendly, reliable solutions that have helped protect thousands of vessels worldwide.


Based on the proven WASSP Multibeam Echosounder technology, the WASSP Wireless ‘Forward Mapping Sonar’ was developed specifically aimed at superyachts and cruise ships that are travelling ‘off the beaten track’, exploring new areas and navigating into shallow uncharted or poorly charted waters. The portable or fixed WASSP system is mounted on the tender vessel to perform its own high-resolution bathymetric survey of the seafloor and the mapping data is transferred via a long-range wireless link in real-time to the ‘mothership’ where the live 2D/3D map of the underwater seafloor is presented to the bridge crew. The detailed map will give an overview of the depth of the entire area, showing immediately where it is safe and unsafe to navigate. It is also possible to view the hardness of the seafloor material, allowing to distinguish rock, sand, mud etc. to find the best location to anchor. With the mapping performed by a remote tender, it is possible to move into very shallow areas, and map behind coral reefs, islands, etc.


FarSounder’s Argos Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) systems reliably detect shallows and various “in-water” targets including icebergs, whales, coral reefs, and shipping containers at up to 1000 meters ahead in real-time. This data is refreshed on every ping and is displayed in both a Chart View and 3D Omni View. Over the last two decades, FarSounder has been developing and deploying this patented FLS technology around the world. Today, it continues to be the only forward-looking sonar system on the market that provides real-time 3D data out to navigationally significant ranges. Seeing what’s under the water ahead before you get there is essential to reducing risk. Hazards in the water or an uncharted seafloor can cause costly damage. Argos systems can alert the crew to potential dangers before it’s too late. In addition to real-time detection, the innovative software feature, Local History Mapping™, georeferences collected data and maps it on a chart. This allows users to build a real-time 3D map of the seafloor that is updated with every ping. The data that is collected is saved for future use and shown in both 3D Omni View and Chart View when returning to a place previously recorded.


Nextfour Group, a Finnish manufacturer and design agency is a young but established name in the maritime industry, charting a new course with the Q Experience, towards innovation and progress in the field of connectivity and integration. In 2015, introducing the Q Experience, an innovative cellular connected MFD that has consistently remained up to date through Over-The-Air updates, transforming the yachting experience. The Q Experience offers solutions that seamlessly integrate navigation, connectivity, information, and entertainment. Skippers of SY Tenders can access up-to-date weather information, enjoy music through the integrated amplifier, or seamlessly monitor their vessel’s usage history, including past tracks and engine maintenance logs with the mobile application. This specific tailoring is a superb solution for superyacht tenders. Nextfour is ready for the future, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Their commitment to innovation, personalised solutions, and unwavering support for their customers has made them a trusted partner in the marine industry.

Nextfour Q RangeNextfour Q Range

Starlight Italia is a worldwide leader in advanced high quality night vision systems and thermal cameras. Their products are
compliant with IMO standards offering complete solutions for different application from night navigation to SAR, antipiracy. The X SERIES combines mechanical and electro-optical engineering to provide captains with self-contained systems. The multi sensor payload boast thermal imaging, night vision based on 2A+ light amplification and an optical day camera to provide unparalleled, hazard detection, threat assessment and situational awareness 24/7. The system is actively stabilised to counteract the motion of the ship.