Sail away

Compact and easily stored sailing dingle can add some exhilaration to the toy cupboard and give your guests a more eco-friendly choice of fun

The sister company of RS Electric Boats produce a range of sailboats that are easy to handle both onboard a superyacht as well as in the water. produce boats with all-up weights starting at just 50kg and most of the hulls stack to save space in the toy cupboard onboard.

The XCAT is a lightweight hard-hulled catamaran that can be stored easily. Due to its simple and fast assembly without any tools, the XCAT is ready for sailing in just under 15 minutes. The catamaran stands out for its smooth run, thanks to the hulls, which were optimised for rowing. This and the low weight of only 75kg lead to plenty of speed, even with little wind.



This French designed innovative craft is a high performance dinghy, sailing up to 16 kts which can be collapsed in 3 minutes, stowed in a bag, and stored in less than 1sqm. Many prestigious superyachts have taken one or two Reverso onboard including Tatoosh, Ipharra, Saudade, Impromptu and many more.





Stowed in 2 bags, the Tiwal 2 and Tiwal 3 inflatable sailboats are easy to store, unroll, inflate, clip together… and sail! Assembly is fast and tool-free. Easy to learn how to use, its sailing qualities provide sensations. Responsive, stable and agile in light winds.

To deliver the promise of foiling for beginners through to advanced racers the orientation of the wings of the WASZP are flexible to change the amount of stability provided to the sailor. These dingies are easily storable and give a brilliant element of fun. Affordable, modern, durable, easy to master with a race class that brings a new definition of fun for your guests on board.

MiniCat is perfect as a yacht accessory for charter guests and owners looking for some exhilaration. MiniCat has been on the market for 14 years, is handmade in Europe from the highest quality materials with a 2-year warranty, MiniCat can even be ordered with bespoke sail designs to match the mothership. Easily stored, quick to assemble and breakdown, the MiniCat delivers a huge amount of fun for all levels of sailors.