SEA Index – Raising awareness by sharing data

Bernard d’Alessandri, Yacht Club de Monaco General Secretary and President of Cluster Yachting Monaco and Member of the Board, Superyacht Eco Association, talks about the SEA Index and its vision for the future

We all yearn for cleaner oceans, of course we do. But how do we achieve the much-needed improvements? Raising awareness of the issues surrounding protection of the marine environment is the crucial first step.

At the 10th edition of La Belle Classe Superyachts Environmental Symposium in Monaco on 25 March 2021, I am pleased to say good progress was made in confronting the challenges head on. No one was left in any doubt about what we need to achieve together.

Awareness in itself is but a first step and I was heartened to hear so many practical ways forward discussed at this important conference. These ranged from alternative power sources, such as hydrogen, battery electric, solar and wind power, to the environmental benchmarking of yachts that we know is long overdue.

No one is exempt from their responsibility to help clean up our oceans, however large and fast their yacht, which is why a fact-based and easy to understand environmental rating system for superyachts is so important. Indeed, the Yacht Club de Monaco, in collaboration with Credit Suisse, felt this was so important that in September 2020 we founded the Superyacht Eco Association (SEA), with the backing of the Prince Albert II de Monaco Foundation.

I am proud to serve as a Member of the Board of SEA and represent the Yacht Club de Monaco in its role as environmental beacon and aggregator of initiatives such as the pioneering SEA Index CO2 classification tool for superyachts of 40 metres and above.

The symposium presented the first opportunity to hear how the SEA Index has fared since its inception just six months ago. It has come a long way in just a short time and is today very much live and well.

Importantly, the Index is not about one yacht being better than another; rather, it is about informing the debate, increasing awareness and pushing the industry on. Its success is living proof of the desire of all of us to work together for a climate- friendlier future.

Not only is this environmental benchmarking initiative up and running, the SEA index is also evolving to include other environmental criteria, besides CO2. Furthermore, one of the maritime world’s most respected names; Lloyd’s Register will issue the certificates.

Data verification by an organisation of such unprecedented experience and credibility will ensure that the growing demand from yacht owners to know their vessels’ environmental impact will grow faster still.

President of the Yacht Club de Monaco, HSH Prince Albert II, has already officially inducted the owners of two superyachts – the 68 metre Ragnar and 88 metre Maltese Falcon
– into the SEA Index program.

These yachts are leading examples for the superyacht industry as it transitions to a climate-friendlier future. They provide a timely ‘call to action’ for everyone from across the industry, from shipyards to superyacht owners, to stand up and be counted.

We do not just yearn for cleaner oceans, we come together in the true spirit of Monaco to ensure we are on the correct course to achieve cleaner oceans. As the symposium showed, awareness of the issues is now greater than ever and a lot has already been achieved, but there is a great deal still to do.

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