Sealver Waveboats


Powered either by PWCs or outboard engines, the revolutionary Sealver Waveboats, made in France, are blazing the trail for all-in-one, game changing tenders

The WaveBoat combines the sensations of riding a jetski, the driving thrills of a powerful GT car or sports boat, and a luxury terrace with sea view for 5 to 10 people on board…” summarises Patrick Bardon, founder and CEO of Sealver Waveboat shipyard, on France’s southwest Atlantic coast.

Since 2009, Sealver, now selling WaveBoats in more than 50 countries, has pioneered and developed a patented technology which allows to connect and release a wide range of PWCs from the WaveBoat’s hull in just a few seconds. Conceived as a proper boat, the WB floats perfectly without the ski. You can switch anytime and anywhere from a familial sea outing – fishing, sunbathing, sharing a meal on the sundeck – to a more sportive navigation, unleashing the power and reactivity of the impeller.

“Sealver WaveBoats offer you the best of both worlds,” explains Patrick Bardon. “Thanks to our compatibility kits for all major PWC brands – Yamaha, Seadoo, Kawasaki – you can switch from a jetski model or brand to another with the same WaveBoat, just by changing the removable kit. The unique system adapts to each brand of PWC. The RPM remains the same, only the dynamic of the vessel changes.” Once connected, the WaveBoat (approved as a class C boat) offers an incomparable comfort of navigation: the safety of an engine with secured propeller, a low draft, incredible power-to-weight ratio, outstanding manoeuverability and speed for a unique freedom on water!

Now offered in 11 different models, the WaveBoat concept embodies the perfect tender for any yacht or superyacht’s owner, depending on the space available on the ship and nautical activities practiced. The whole range combines luxury, comfort and performance, from the compact, handy and super reactive WB 444 ‘Rider’ (14 ft, 5 passengers) to the spacious and elegant WB 656 ‘Dandy’ (21ft, 7 people), with its unmistakable sporty look and high bow.

As innovation remains the driving force of the french shipyard, the Z-Line, launched in 2019, is the new Sealver Premium range, and marks a real turning point in the current nautical landscape, with performance-minded RIBs (Z6, Z7 and Z8, respectively for 19, 23 and 26 ft, 7 to 10 people) that can reach speeds of up to 50mph and delivers a lot of space and luxury for passengers.

Cutting-edge technology and design is used in every stage of construction, with new generation of progressive carbon Hypalon floats, sharp ©Hevo hull structure-created from the latest hydrodynamic simulation algorithms and state-of-the-art amenities, offering the space and comfort of boats that are usually much longer and wider.

Customisable with a lot of add-ons on all Sealver models, the Z-Line even offers the owners the radical choice between turbine (PWCs, Hevo technology) and outboard propulsion, thanks to the exclusive system HYBRIS™, that can support engines up to 300 HP.

“This new line of semi-rigids 2.0 takes Sealver WaveBoat to the next level,” assures the CEO. “The fact that you can choose between a propeller or an outboard is something that has never been seen before in the entire history of maritime leisure and this is something we’re extremely proud to be offering.”

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