Videoworks has brought AI and your on board entertainment system to a whole new level

These two keywords define the latest, ambitious project presented by Videoworks at the Monaco Yacht Show last September.

The environment we live in is already animated by technological innovations that are going to change the way we perceive the space in the near future. Now, this same environment can become even smarter, being able to understand us and put us at ease, all while creating a comfortable space for us to relax.

Videoworks, constantly aiming at improving the comfort and the quality of life at home and onboard, decided to connect technology and emotions, and put the Artificial Intelligence at the service of the user’s wellbeing.

A sophisticated software maps a space where the user’s emotions gain shape and translate into a game of lights, music and images, allowing him to live a true sensorial experience: a journey inside himself. The environment is able to understand the feelings of the user and to interpret them, setting its own conditions accordingly.

The result is a completely customised space, a unique environment that reflects the user’s mood. The project is called ‘Mood Meter’, presented at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018 as a showcase: an ‘emotional room’ equipped with a technology whose algorithm is based on the human neural network.

The user enters the Mood Meter, sits down, selects a music type among pop, rock, classic and latin music, and immediately the room starts playing a randomly chosen emotional video. The videos in the room’s library represent a wide range of emotions from fear to joy.

While the user watches the video, the sensors in the room map his emotions and translate them into a specific set: in real time, at the end of the video, a playlist belonging to the person starts, and the lights in the room turn into a colour in line with the user’s emotions. The environment suddenly mirrors the user’s feelings.

Videoworks Group has designed and installed complete audio/video, entertainment, domotics and IT systems for private, luxurious home, offices and yachts for over 20 years. Its expertise and leadership in its field allow its team to find the best technology for every situation, always customised according to the client’s needs.

A technology that will allow the environment to blend with the humans that live within it, making their everyday experience unique.

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