Stay connected with Airship’s VSAT solutions


Established in 2010, Airship Communications has already proved its resilience to industry ups and downs, and this year the company once again evidenced its staying power in the wake of the international pandemic.

This year has certainly been a challenging one, but Airship Communications came into 2020 with a strategic plan to refine their communications offerings and, thanks to the hard work put in at the end of 2019, from Q1 of 2020 they were able to offer both existing clients and new more cost-effective packages with even more choice.

To achieve these enhancements to their communications packages, and improve customer experience all-round, Airship conducted an extensive customer feedback exercise. The company is driven by the needs of their clients and recognises the importance of customer satisfaction – not only providing the service the client requires, but ensuring they are delighted with its functionality and operational ability.

The biggest change to Airship’s offering, comes as a result of current ownership trends and changing cruising habits; flexibility.

Clients are seeking greater flexibility from their mobile and satellite communication systems, IT support, television packages and equipment specification. To achieve this, Airship first addressed the elements under their direct control, the terms and conditions, and then sort to address how software was provided from their partners.

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, Airship expected to see a natural down turn in business. The company decided to take a more proactive approach however, and acted quickly to open dialogue with their current customers and revisit all enquiries from the past 12 months. Strengthening these existing relationships, and offering the unprecedented level of support required, has meant that the company has in fact experienced great growth over the past three months.

This season, Satellite TV packages seem top of the agenda, covering SKY UK, SKY Italia, SKY Germany and streaming services from Kartina. Airship has also seen increased demand for crew mobile contracts and data. Working predominantly with Vodafone UK, Airship is able to offer crew some truly fantastic deals, which simply aren’t available in the main marketplace.

Another front-runner for the company this year has been their short-term 4G packages, covering all the popular cruising grounds. Airship can provide pre-packaged 30-day bundles as well as fleet share bundles/ sims, which make running costs a lot more palatable. The flexibility of bulk buying makes practical sense for a fleet, especially while in Europe, and historically high roaming costs have now been diminished and made more manageable.

Airship’s experienced team are now busy planning for the Caribbean season, and adapting their services to specifically focus on Caribbean cruising – with inter-island connectivity a top priority.

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