Stress free registry

Cameron Mitchell from the The Isle of Man Ship Registry looks at taking the stress out of yacht registration

At the Isle of Man Ship Registry, we know that there are few things in life that compare to the excitement of buying a new yacht. But we also know that before the fun can begin, you need to successfully navigate the purchase process and the closing meeting.

Even when things go well, this can be a stressful time. There are many different parties with competing interests – the buyer, the seller, the brokers, the bank and the insurance company to name just a few. But if you choose to register your yacht in the Isle of Man, one thing that you won’t need to worry about is the registration process.

Our friendly team of registrars have amassed decades of experience and completed thousands of registrations for our clients. They are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure there are no hiccups on the day of completion. For instance, our registrars will be happy to check all your registry documents in advance, including all forms, the bill of sale and mortgages to ensure these will be accepted on the day. Any other possible registration issues can be discussed; simply pick up the telephone and any of our registrars will be happy to talk these through.

If your completion is taking place outside of UK office hours you will be pleased to hear of our 24/7 registration service. By pre-arrangement, a registrar will be available at any time of the day or night to complete the registration process and issue your registration documents. And the best part is that this service is offered at no additional cost to you!

Your registration can then be completed within hours of us receiving all the necessary documents. Once complete, we’ll issue your yacht with our industry leading digital certificates, which are fully compliant with international (IMO) guidelines and accepted universally. Your digital certificate of registry will be emailed straight to the yacht, so the original document is onboard within minutes of being issued. Your liability certificates and any survey certificates issued by the Ship Registry will also be in a digital format. This means you can safely say goodbye to waiting around for courier deliveries before the cruising can begin.

As a final finishing touch to your new yacht, we’ll even issue you with your own red ensign. Firstly, this allows you all the advantages of being a British ship, such as access to British Consular assistance around the world. Secondly, it simply looks great on a high-end yacht. As the saying goes, ‘a yacht doesn’t look right without a red ensign on the stern’!

By now, you probably realise that we believe that our registry team is the best in the business, but if we haven’t convinced you yet, take a look at what our clients say:

“You have been such a great help and source of knowledge over the years in the many hundreds of yacht registrations that I have done. Without doubt IOM is the most efficient and helpful Ship Registry out of all the registries that we use.

“When jobs don’t go so well everyone complains but when they do go well, nobody has the decency to thank those who make it possible. Life’s too short in my opinion…So thank you and well deserved as it was delivered on your part with professionalism, personality and also humour!

“Thank you so much! It’s a great pleasure when sometimes in our lives we meet such responsive and sympathetic people!”

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1624 688500
or email: [email protected]