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Suitform work on an ad hoc project basis for the ultimate in personalised apparel and can design and manufacture absolutely anything their clients request. The fabrics are chosen on the grounds of their quality and their performance towards the end product, according to the space/surroundings and the specialty of the crew. Personalised embroidery and printing techniques are used, which are enhanced by the brand’s design and manufacturing know-how. What Suitform foresees is that the uniforms will stray from the strict lines of a typical form, which is something that, as a company, they are already applying and suggest. These predictions stem from the development process of yachts, as regards the field of designing and technology.
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Fabric technology is the driving force behind Events Clothing’s ethos. The garments they develop and provide to superyacht crew all have a point of difference. The Trimmer Shorts and Skort for example are manufactured with water repellent 4-way-stretch, quick drying material, providing maximum comfort and durability, while looking super smart. So good they have been asked to add pants to this range (Due Feb. 2019) Events Grinder Polo (men’s & women’s style) is produced with an environment-friendly ‘bluesign accredited’ fabric. 72% recycled polyester/28% cotton and using zero chemicals to achieve maximum performance, coffee technology, antibacterial, wicking and breathability are all wrapped up in

 this garment. Coordination of design and practicality are key to any successful uniform supply and with 25+ years of experience and knowledge the team at Events welcome these challenges. Boss on Boss off, on charter off charter, deckhands, interior, Spa, watersports, engineers or chefs, Events Clothing can supply the complete uniform range for any size of superyacht.
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NILIT, a unique natural material made additive, is drawn from coffee residue and coffee-beans shells. This is added to the extruder during the spinning process, via micron meter size particles. A small percentage of oxide particles is added to improve effectiveness and for better washing resistance. The additive is proven to be skin friendly, and is harmless to the human body. The special composition of the coffee carbon together with the oxide absorbs the body heat and captures it for an extended period of time. This activity is most effective when the fabric is used as base layer nearest to the body, allowing the complex structure of the additive to capture our body temperature, isolate it and keep it in the garment. Superior thermal insulation, comfortable sweat free sensation. Powerful deodorising effect. Effective anti-bacterial properties. Natural colour and dye free.
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Zhik’s Avlare® shirts hate water. These highly technical tops are made from Avlare fabric, a revolutionary fibre containing an extremely durable, water repellent technology. The result is a totally hydrophobic fabric, where spray and rain simply roll off it. Avlare is extremely lightweight, air permeable with a four-way stretch that bounces right back, making these tops comfortable to wear for athletic activity and in warm conditions. It is highly breathable, yet keeps you warm due to its ability to block out both wind chill and water. Being soft and light, its lasting water repellence is ideal for all watersports enthusiasts, including crew. Tailored for both men and women in short and long-sleeves tees, Avlare weighs just one quarter the weight of wet Spandex used for rash vests.
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For fabric innovation this season, Helly Hansen has introduced some key new technologies across it’s collection including; LIFALOFT™ technology that is so mobile and comfortable you’ll likely forget you’re wearing it. The all-purpose marine-designed HP Racing Midlayer delivers the ideal amount of warmth with new, proprietary LIFALOFT™ insulation that is thinner and can be lighter and warmer than typical alternatives. The exterior is constructed with waterproof, windproof and breathable Helly Tech® fabrics that, combined with the insulation and provide

full-stretch performance. S.Café® coffee grounds technology boosts sun protection to UPF 50 wet and dry. LIFA® Active Light is a high-performance fabric that keeps skin dry in any condition due to its inherent hydrophobic properties and moisture moving construction. By adding S.Café coffee grounds to the structure of LIFA® fibres, sun protection greatly increases. Since the coffee grounds are part of the LIFA® filament, they never wash out. The lightweight shirts breathe easy, provide just enough insulation when needed and promise all day comfort with quick-dry construction.
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Crew and Tailor is a next generation uniform brand out to change the expectations of the yacht uniform. Driven by evolving technologies in the superyacht industry, they don’t believe crew uniform should compromise on style, performance or quality. Crew and Tailor offer an all-inclusive service with a readily available range, bespoke design development and branded uniform supplies. Their debut range showcases their custom colour ways and tailored cuts that are purposefully constructed in ‘smart’ fabrics providing UV protection, bacteria barriers and that self-regulate body temperature. Their designs boast technical features born from work on deck like wash-down safe pockets, laser cut aeration and rubber coated buttons. Crew and Tailor are London based and committed to supporting British manufacturers and

suppliers where possible. Along with the high standard of quality synonymous with the ‘Made in GB’ label, local manufacturing reduces lead times and enables them to deliver swiftly. Turn heads on the water in 2019 with our unique colour palette or the function-forward, heat bonded pieces from their ready-made line or start development on your own uniform story.
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The team at Grace & The Sea are based in the superyacht hub of Barcelona and are passionate about being a part of the yachting industry and offer a versatile range of crew wear that will appeal to a wide range of needs, tastes, and operational budgets. The objective is to offer apparel brands and custom designs that are currently not available from other crew wear providers. The team have been working within the superyacht industry for many years and understand the wants and needs of crew in terms of style, wearability and fabrics. The range offered covers all departments on the yacht and items are available for both summer and winter seasons, with a wide range of accessories, such as bags, belts, shoes, caps and sunglasses. They offer a full range of uniforms for all crew and seasons together with a selection of spa wear and towels.
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TMD are seeing a demand for lighter, more durable products. Fabric needs to move with the pace of the crew and they don’t want to be hindered in anyway by their kit. Quick and easy venting and a focus on athleticism will be a key feature. The yachting industry is moving faster than ever before and how products are designed and developed is reflecting this. Customers want to look good, garments to last longer and they are thinking more about their carbon footprint. The marine sector is also getting more confident with colour. Even the most traditional customer is updating their look as the fashion and outdoor market is accessing more people online, and social media influencers play an increasing part in their buying decisions.
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