Sunbrella fabrics

The ultimate alliance of aesthetics and technical performance, Sunbrella fabrics provide unique shading, comfort and protective solutions for all marine solutions

With more than 60 years of expertise in the manufacture of technical textiles, Sunbrella® develops design and performance fabrics at its factory in northern France
that are perfectly suited for the protection of the boat and its crew as well as for the interior and exterior decoration of your boat.

Sunbrella® fabrics are suitable for all types of boats, from small motorboats to sailing boats and luxury yachts, and offer sophisticated and trendsetting designs as well as valuable protection against the worst weather conditions.

Protecting boats and their crews is one of the brand’s priorities, which is why it develops a range of made-to-measure solutions for

covers, dodgers, bimini tops and even seats. Sunbrella® fabrics’ intrinsic qualities make them long-lasting, low-maintenance and easy to handle.

Dyed at the very core of the fibre, the fabrics also resist UV and discoloration, despite prolonged exposure to the sun, salt and chlorine. Unlike some marine coated fabrics (PVC tarpaulins) which trap heat, Sunbrella® fabrics allow the passage of air, thus avoiding mould and bad odours, whilst protecting the crew from the sun’s rays. Depending on the range, Sunbrella® fabrics are guaranteed for up to 10 years against loss of colour and strength under normal conditions of use and exposure.

Integrated office style creativity
A team of specialised professionals such as colourists, designers and engineers called the Sunbrella® design studio is working together to design rich, creative and high-performance textile collections to meet boaters’ expectations, who are giving more and more importance to the decoration of their boat. The brand undergoes meticulous research to meet new trends: trend identification and analysis, specific studies on stripes, patterns and colours, technical feasibility checks, etc.

Sunbrella® invents its marine collection through adopting the colours, materials and rules of house design, whilst respecting the technical and aesthetic constraints of each project. The fabrics are used for seats, cushions, biminis, sunshades and covers.

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