Superyacht communications


Keeping pace with the ever changing world of technology has never been more important than when we’re discussing communications onboard

OceanWeb are your partner to IT and communication success. An industry leader in marine IT and satellite communications, they have been servicing the global superyacht industry for over 25 years. The team of specialists support an established portfolio of 130+ superyachts, offering a full suite of services including satcom, 4G/5G, IT support, AV systems and hardware installations. They are Cyber Essential Certified and provide comprehensive security services such as cyber risk management and training. The focus is on quality, precision, and innovation, ensuring that your vessel remains at the forefront of technological advancement.


The need for reliable and seamless connectivity across destinations like the Med and the Caribbean is imperative for any yacht to stay safe, comfortable, and of course, entertained. With over 20 years’ experience providing VSAT solutions, you can rest assured you are working with a partner that has your best interests and the industry knowledge to ensure you’re connected now and in the future. Whether you are looking to upgrade your hardware, or you are considering changing airtime providers, the team are here to help. Advantages include; End-to-end integration: Excelerate specialise in AV/ IT solutions, navigation systems, CCTV and security, communications, entertainment, guest services and more. They are technology and network agnostic and can deliver GEO, MEO, and LEO (Starlink and OneWeb) satellite hardware and services, private and public 4G/5G networks and SIMs for enhanced global coverage. They offer a global presence with local support with offices
or subsidiaries in the UK, France, UAE, Australia, and the USA. Innovation is key – the in-house R&D department has developed solutions including the Hybrid Edge connectivity bonding solution, a UHF tender, toy, and personnel tracking solution. Why coordinate with 10 suppliers when Excelerate Marine can handle it all?

Excelerate MarineExcelerate Marine

Discover the pinnacle of luxury communication with CST. Experience pioneering tech and top-tier customer care, enhancing opulent decor in over 120 superyachts across the globe, luxury residences, and a further cross-section of commercial industries. Operating on radio frequency, CST’s Imperial Collection redefines wireless call button communication, seemlessly blending style and functionality. Enjoy discreet, reliable communication with LED acknowledgement alerts, either standalone or integrated with Crestron and AMX AV systems. Each design is tailored with personal touches, ensuring bespoke excellence. Elevate your surroundings with CST Luxury’s world-class solutions.

CST LuxuryCST Luxury

Do your crew and yacht have the best mobile, broadband, IT, and yacht communication packages? Airship offers the yachting industry premium and fit for purpose mobile communications, as well as the global connectivity that its clients require. Whether it’s a set of international SIM cards for crew, satellite communications, or mobile broadband, the team design packages for all eventualities and travel needs. Onboard integration, mobile communications, satellite television IT, and satellite communication are among their services. Airship works directly with owners’ representatives and captains to guarantee that its skilled and experienced team meets and exceeds the communication needs of its clients. Airship’s partners have been carefully selected, giving their clients the reassurance that they will be able to keep in constant contact with on-demand services, business, friends and family, wherever they may be cruising.

Channel 28

Channel 28 provide secure digital radio crew communications that are integrated with the yacht’s key systems. Developed by two engineers, their invaluable combination of radio system design and software development has enabled them to successfully produce innovative solutions around the world tailored to superyacht, crew and owner specific needs. The flagship products cComm, cState and Morse are now installed and in operation on an ever growing number of yachts worldwide and its proven technology, security features and custom solutions have made it a true success. Channel 28’s range of services and products available for the superyacht industry continues to expand and grow in line with industry and onboard technology requirements. 

YachtProjects International are a leader in Hybrid Communications for superyachts. Over 20 years of experience and development ensure that SeaWall delivers the control and support required when considering digitalisation onboard. The current climate has proven that there is no such thing as futureproofing when selecting a network to meet your needs, so they offer and support all connectivity options as well as onboard networks and systems and with SeaWall, they offer a full Remote ETO Service to ensure that the onboard experience is second to none. Firewall, Cyber Security, VoIP, SIP Server, IPTV, System Monitoring, Digital Logbooks, CCTV, Cloud Management Information, Wi-Fi Network Management are delivered and protected by their IMO 2021 compliant Cyber Security Solution.

In recent years there has been an increase in demand for not just onboard connectivity solutions that enable yacht owners and guests to browse the internet on par with their lifestyle at home, but for digitally immersive experiences. IEC Telecom is renowned for delivering cutting-edge satellite communication solutions and value-added services. For the yachting sector, IEC Telecom has pioneered a suite of optimised applications that enable seamless video calls and remote management. IEC Telecom’s enhanced portfolio includes Starlink connectivity, customised VSAT systems, resilient L-band back-up services, advanced cybersecurity systems, and cloud-based applications. Moreover, network management solutions ensure that yacht captains can maintain control of the onboard network traffic. IEC Telecom is committed to ensuring optimum connectivity at sea.

IEC TelecomIEC Telecom