Superyacht crew recruitment


Make sure you partner with the right recruitment agent to progress through the ranks


Blue Oceans Powered by Crew Unlimited is an MLC certified company based in the heart of Antibes. Their established recruiters Mandy, Tara, Sarah, and Mia have a combined experience in yachting and recruitment of over 40 years. They have all worked on yachts, understand what life onboard is like, looking for work and hiring crew. They endeavour to reduce the crew turnover to lower the cost of crewing. They believe in providing candidates who fit the criteria of our clients. Their experienced candidates have strong work ethics and have excellent references. They do not just fill job orders, they truly care and place the best crew on the best yachts. The result is an unrivalled ability to create long lasting relationships to meet the highest standards of owners, captains and the crew themselves.

Amandine Monaco

Many of the world’s best chefs work with Amandine Chefs because of the standards they set and because they understand how much great food matters. The standard of cooking on a yacht can make all the difference and is arguably one of the most important factors in keeping owners, charter guests and crew happy. That’s why at Amandine they do everything they can to ensure they place the right chef in the right job first time. The chef cooking trials they conduct in the head office test kitchen, together with the combined food credentials of their team, puts them in a unique position to assess the experience and capabilities of yacht chefs. As a judge of chef competitions at yacht shows worldwide, their founder, Kate Emery, also plays a major part in judging the industry’s chef talent. As you would expect, the selection process is rigorous and they are discerning about the chefs they choose to work with. Every chef they recommend is known to them personally and their background is thoroughly researched and verified. The result: Right Chef. Right Job. First Time.


Cotton Crews connects exceptional crew with exclusive yacht crew jobs. Their relationship-focused approach to yacht crew recruitment allows them to really get to know their clients and their needs. They combine countless years of superyacht industry experience with a real enthusiasm for candidate placement. Cotton Crews began in 2013, when Founder and President Lauren Cotton realised the yachting industry had an under-served demand for high-quality crew placement. Since then, they have successfully placed thousands of permanent and temporary positions across the globe. Their database is through an app, so if you are looking for a job, register on their Green Cotton Crew JOBS app. See how they can help you today!


Founded in 1991 as a crew agency in Antibes, Bluewater has evolved into one of the preeminent full-service yachting companies globally. Launching the revolutionary ONE Account in early 2010 marked a transformative milestone in the industry, offering captains, managers, and owners a choice between CREW Placement or the innovative ONE Account system. Through a proactive approach that anticipates and adapts to the changing demands of the maritime sector, Bluewater has solidified its reputation as a paragon of reliability and professionalism. The company’s comprehensive array of services spans every aspect of yachting, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for clients worldwide. Bluewater’s unwavering commitment to quality sets the industry standard for everything from crew recruitment to yacht management and charter services to training. With a dedication to innovation and service excellence, Bluewater continues to raise the bar for yachting industry standards. Every voyage embarked upon with Bluewater is an extraordinary adventure characterised by luxury, professionalism, and unparalleled service.

Established in 2002, YPI CREW has been connecting people with their dream careers onboard superyachts for 20 years. The sole purpose is to allow new generations to discover yachting and seasoned crew to further their careers and widen their talent base. Bonding people together and creating new connections is what the team do best. The recruiters are solution driven; they have a voice, an opinion and champion their candidates for the right jobs, on the best yachts, with the finest captains and crews. From the Antibes office in the South of France, the team source and recruit the best yacht crew worldwide, from deckhands to captains, engineers, chefs and interior crew. They seek to build united, high-performing crews able to deliver the ultimate guest experiences aboard yachts all over the world and, simultaneously, allow the fostering of new life experiences. The recruiters are their strength; they are the absolute experts in their field. Each recruiter is a specialist in their particular department and has years of experience through which they have built strong networks making them the preeminent authority in the business. As recruiters, we understand the importance of finding the right crew member for each position. What re you waiting for? Create your profile on their portal now and let YPI handle the rest.



Wilsonhalligan was formed in 2006 to provide a personal and professional yacht recruitment service for the owners, managers and captains of private and chartered yachts. Since starting in yacht recruitment, they have branched into private households to cater to the demands of yacht owners requesting their services to also help them staff their private residences from villas to stately homes. Their shoreside department has also developed from their long standing connections and covers a broad range of maritime recruitment for the cruise and yacht industry helping to secure talent for businesses working worldwide. They focus on providing an exceptional service to clients and candidates equally. At Wilsonhalligan their in-house experience within both the maritime world and the recruitment industry places them ahead of competitors and effectively builds partnerships with clients and candidates. They are committed to protecting their clients’ interests by providing a discreet and trusted service to meet requirements and expectations. They are market leaders within the luxury hospitality and marine sectors with an unmatched database of candidates for their clients’ needs.

Insignia Crew

Insignia Crew is a reputable placement agency which provides a personal recruitment service to prestige vessels of all types and commitments within the global superyacht fleet. They cater to all disciplines aboard from deck, engineers, medics and interior up to chief officers and captains – encompassing seasoned and new crew, from both civilian and military backgrounds. The driving force behind Insignia Crew is their ethos. They specialise in connecting exceptional former military professionals with the superyacht industry, bridging the gap between a sector in search of skilled, committed, and career-focused crew members. Connection is focused particularly on Royal Navy and Royal Marines who are already accustomed to living and working at sea and offer a wealth of transferable additional skills such as a heightened awareness of security, diving operations, advanced trauma medicine, helicopter operations and engineering. As we all gear up for the summer season, Insignia Crew wish to enhance engagement and collaboratively offer direct support to those who have served by introducing them to onboard decision- makers. This time of the year provides a prime opportunity for crew to acclimate to new responsibilities, allowing yachts to quickly leverage their skills and potential.


Quay Crew Since being established in 2013, Quay Crew has placed over 2,000 candidates on more than 350 prestigious superyachts and worked with some of the world’s leading boat builders, yacht management companies and owners as well as high-profile family offices and private estates. The team, based in Bournemouth, UK, has 60+ years’ combined onboard experience, plus an additional 50 years’ recruitment and corporate expertise. The firm’s dedicated land-based department provides complete recruitment solutions for yacht management and brokerage businesses, boat builders and shipyards and maritime suppliers. Quay Crew’s mission is to attract and retain the best talent in the sector through actively promoting diversity and inclusion, longevity and progression, both at sea and on land. They do this through best practice recruitment methods and continuously improving standards through progressive partnerships, education, research and market insights including their extensive crew mental health reports. Whether you’re looking to crew a new build pre-launch, busy charter or private yacht at any point in the season, they work in partnership with owners, yacht management companies and captains to develop rewarding relationships for all stakeholders. By following a stringent due diligence, pre-screening and verbal referencing process, Quay Crew ensure that any prospective crew put forward has the desired skills and aspirations that align with your goals for a positive onboard experience and crew culture.