Superyacht HVAC & Refrigeration Solutions


For over 25 years Girschner Marine have been involved in the innovation, design and installation of HVAC and Refrigeration systems for the superyacht industry. With a team of highly skilled engineers, Girschner also provide vital monitoring and servicing for existing systems on board yachts around the world.

Just like any other system on board, it is essential for these HVAC+R systems to run efficiently, consistently and be adaptable for a changing environment and particularly for a change of usage when entering a heavy charter season.

As we approach refit season we asked Thomas Girschner what the usual refit season looks like for his team at their head office near Bremen. Thomas tells us “Although we are lucky enough to be busy all year innovating and designing new units and working on new build projects, from September through to April, the typical refit season, the team are highly involved in trouble shooting issues found on board and discussing plant updates with the yacht’s engineers, captains and owners.” Thomas continues, “It’s not always plain sailing out there and the typical HVAC or refrigeration systems are working overtime. It’s during these times of extensive use that issues can occur.”

The first step for the technical team is to complete a full survey of existing equipment on board, a systems audit. Look for any leaks, measure the performance of the units and perhaps more importantly look at the efficiency of these units within the different levels of usage. Reports are drawn up and recommendations presented.

In recent years Girschner have also been pioneering and implementing PLC programming on the yachts. Thomas explains, “PLC is nothing new, but we are really delivering exciting solutions for our yachting clients. We are able to bring together the control and reporting of plants on board, to give the engineers a global view of machinery performance in real time, and this in turn enables the crew to make informed decisions about necessary maintenance or at least to plan maintenance. A level of predictive maintenance. The system will be programmed by our technicians and we are able to get the optimal performance and most economical production from the systems. This reduces the environmental impact of the yacht and extends the life of the on board systems.” Simple, but a necessary system to reduce down time of the yacht during owner or charter use.

As part of Girschner’s drive to develop efficient and easily maintained equipment, their innovation in Rack Cooling units is market leading. Thomas explains, “Our remit is to design and develop bespoke units that deliver optimum performance independent of ambient influences. With easy maintenance accessible, remote monitoring and the use of renowned components, the unique casings deliver higher energy efficiency and reduce power loss and are developed for use in areas with high ambient temperatures of heavily polluted ambient air.”

The yachting industry moves fast and delivering a world class service and keeping up to date with technological advances in the world of HVAC and Refrigeration might not sound overly stimulating, but the continual training that the technicians and designers complete at Girschner, are fundamental to their success. This is obvious when you look at just some of the yachts they have worked with over the past years, such as project M/Y Thunder – today M/Y Crecent, project M/Y SHU – today M/Y Flying Fox, M/Y Radiant, M/Y Carinthia VII and many other yachts from yards such as Lürssen, Aberking & Rasmusen Yachts from 85m- 156m.

In simple terms, with a quarter of a century of success in this niche area, Girschner are the only necessary port of call.

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