Superyacht interior touch-up specialist


How to get ready for the coming season. Felix Brockmann looks at why you need interior touch up specialists to help prepare the yacht for a busy charter season

New year, new yacht season. If you’re not spending the winter months in the Caribbean or the Pacific, this quiet and cold time is perfect for renovation and repair work on the yacht, especially on the interior. It is a well-known fact that normal use over a long period of time will show signs of wear and tear. For this very reason, a touch-up check between seasons is a standard appointment in the calendar of every yacht. Regardless of whether it is a charter or private yacht, if you start the new season with a spotless interior, the like-new feeling is quickly transmitted to the guests and crew on board and gives everyone’s time on the water a special boost.

If you are not in a shipyard over the winter for an extensive refit or major repair work, but spend the winter in one of the many marinas around the Mediterranean, then you are dependent on the touch-up work being carried out on site. It is precisely for these mobile and international assignments that the German company bsw yachteinrichter offers a special service with its in-house touch-up team. The company specialises exclusively in yacht interior fittings and with its dedicated team, can process enquiries within the shortest possible time and carry out the orders on board.

A brief look at the experience gained by the company in the past from the numerous orders shows that there are areas that show particularly strong and frequent visible signs of use. These include in particular all floors, door areas (including sliding doors), loose furniture and often various lighting. Regardless of whether it is the owner’s, guest or crew area, damage or classic signs of use can occur everywhere.

Since only the best and often very exotic and unique surfaces are used in the superyacht sector, it takes a particularly well trained team to know and be able to professionally work on the countless lacquer, marble, leather, metal and special surfaces. In addition, the technical possibilities and the ability to apply them correctly are particularly important if a perfect as-new result is to be achieved. Very often, components cannot be removed due to the limited time available. In such cases, mobile filter and extraction systems are needed that enable even the most difficult components, e.g. on the ceiling, to be painted on board without removing the parts. In the same way, metal and painted surfaces can be polished up again in the installed state.

If work cannot be carried out on board or would be too extensive, selected components can be removed, such as re-upholstering or stretching a leather cover, transported to the workshop in Germany for processing and sent back on board for re-installation.

Thanks to a broad network of experts and strong manufacturing partners, bsw yachteinrichter can guarantee fast and flexible processing. In addition to large and complicated enquiries, the small classics such as window shades that do not function properly, creaking and incorrectly adjusted sliding doors, missing door plates/hooks and handles can also be handled by the touch-up team. A final tip. With their special offer “Floor Check”, the experts from bsw yachteinrichter can restore every square metre of flooring on board to new condition within a very small amount of time.

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