Superyacht private cinemas

We are proud to represent Trinnov Audio, in the Marine AV market. Their ground-breaking technologies offer peerless performance, scalability and future proof solutions. Here David Meyerowitz – International Technical Sales Manager – High End, explains how Trinnov serves this demanding and challenging sector.

Super Yachts provide some of the most challenging installation environments for Audio/Video systems. The adoption of technologies such as AV over IP have really opened up the possibilities to provide the highest quality signals whilst working within these constraints.

This is no more prevalent than in an onboard private cinema, where the expectation is to achieve the highest level of picture and sound quality. But it’s not just about the very best quality. It’s often about overcoming challenges or realising the dream of the customer. This means stepping outside of the world of ‘traditional’ home cinema and utilising AV technologies in unexpected and spectacular ways.

Trinnov Audio’s Altitude series is unlike any other product on the market. The use of Intel processors has been key to Trinnov’s success and offers many advantages over the pre-printed DSP chips all other products rely on. Arnaud Laborie, CEO and founder of Trinnov Audio, came to the conclusion over 20 years ago that in order to realise his vision to reinvent digital acoustics he needed to build his own platform. Since that time Trinnov Audio have led the way in state-of-the-art signal processing and digital correction technologies. Being unbound from the engineering decisions made by others, Trinnov Audio have been able to create a platform that not only keeps up with the latest advances in audio technology but provides the highest level of performance to our discerning and demanding customer base.

So, what makes Trinnov different? Let’s look at a few points in closer detail.

High Channel Count and Flexibility:
Trinnov Audio is still the only manufacturer that can decode all 34.1 channels of Dolby Atmos and all 30.1 channels of DTS:X. This offers the opportunity to provide the ultimate experience for every listener in the room to enjoy the content to its full potential. With a maximum configuration of 64 processed speaker outputs the Altitude32, when coupled with the Altitude48 Extension processor, gives you the option to utilise those channels in any way you can imagine. This means that a single AV processor and speaker array can have many possible listening layouts. A simple example of this would be a 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos home cinema layout in one direction with a projector and screen, then a smaller 5.1 system in another orientation using a large TV. This illustrates that the outputs can be reassigned to any function using presets.

Digital Acoustic Correction:
Often these environments onboard luxury vessels are designed to the highest quality and tastes of modern interior design. This can create problems for a high-performance AV system, as to achieve the ideal conditions for perfect dialog reproduction and a seamless immersive sound field, require the use of both passive acoustic treatments and digital correction. Trinnov Audio’s Optimizer Speaker/Room correction technology, utilising our proprietary 3D calibration microphone, will make the most of any given space and use its unique array of processing technologies to give you the best possible performance.

Adoption of latest technologies:
Trinnov software-based architecture, and plentiful processing headroom, means we can keep your processor up to date via free of charge, digital upgrades. So, no need to replace your product every few years to keep up with technology. New codec releases such as IMAX Enhanced and Input and Output over AES67 for DCI and Dante compatibility are just a couple of the recent and future upgrades coming to the platform. When hardware changes are required, such as HDMI or additional channels, then upgrade kits are available and can be fitted on site to keep you up to date with the latest requirements.

We hope you found this article both interesting and informative. If you would like to learn more, please contact Torsten Steinbrecher CEO of Qualtron GmbH.

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