Superyacht refit and repair essentials


With not a square inch onboard that won’t at some stage need some TLC, refit or repair, ONBOARD takes a look at a range of the essential products and services you need to consider whether below or above decks to get the yacht ship shape for the coming season

TSea is an established and innovative air conditioning and refrigeration company based in Palma de Mallorca. Their guiding principles relating to service provision is that the team should be easy and pleasant to work with, and transparent regarding their quoting and charging. The company superpower is a combination of engineering knowledge, experience of being ex-yacht crew, in house practical skills to be able to produce what they promise and the vision to imagine how things can work better. MTSea sell all makes of marine equipment and are a dealer and service centre for Dometic.
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Mayfair Marine is a technical consultancy built on experience and focussed on the client’s journey to provide the highest level of definitive independent advice. The team is comprised of naval architects, marine engineers, project managers and those with operational experience. They have managed refits ranging from small tenders to large yachts undertaking major maintenance and conversion. All of the team have worked for or with major shipyards so understand the process intimately from both sides of the table. This allows them to cover all aspects of project management including pre-refit planning to establish scope, specification writing, budget preparation, shipyard evaluation and working with lawyers on the contractual matters through to managing the warranty process.
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Mayfair MarineMayfair Marine

Carpentry and Boat Building Services was established in 2007 and is widely known as a company that provides quality workmanship above all else. The highly skilled team is willing and able to complete whatever job is required, be it a full interior refit or alteration, a new teak deck or repairs, bespoke exterior furniture, or perhaps Perspex or Corian work. All completed with an end result that you will be proud of in the given timescales and within budget. With an emphasis on quality, customer service and reliability, C.A.B.B.S is the logical choice.
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Barcelona Nautic Center is a dry dock specialised in the repair and maintenance of motor and sailing vessels, in the best location in the western Mediterranean, right at the entrance to the new Barcelona Port, near to the airport and the centre of Barcelona. It occupies a technical area of 12,000 square metres, 250m of waiting and repair afloat, and two warehouses of 600 and 300 square metres, for painting and repair work under cover. Their team are pioneers in the repair and maintenance of sailing and motor boats, which allows them to work on a vast range of repair projects. They are experts in paint and fibre, mechanics, carpentry, rigging, hydraulics, electricity and electronics, metalwork, naval engineering and architecture, and tank cleaning to name but a few.
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KRM Yacht Refit & Rebuild was established in 2010, since then, it has continued to invest in that area and has become a leader of the superyacht refit industry in Turkey. Increasing its capacity and repeat client number every year following numerous accomplishments, KRM has continuously sought to improve its output and standards. Located in Tuzla, Istanbul, the KRM facility plays host to one of the biggest marine industries in the world, with all infrastructure capabilities meeting the needs and requirements of superyacht refits. Services offered are; project management and development, engineering and design, interior and exterior works, painting, carpentry, metal works, plumbing and piping, mechanics, test and classification.
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i3 Composites is abbreviated from Innovation3 Composites. It was set up almost 10 years ago by Leo Kilmartin who has over 25 years experience in building all types of vessels from America’s Cup, Military Power vessels and large composite structures for superyachts. Leo and his team are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of high end composite components. They are highly regarded as refit and repair experts in their field. The services that they offer include design, CNC machining, project management, general refit and repair and new builds. Their product range offers various solutions to boarding and protection issues faced by all superyachts including; stairway foldable dock steps, pyramid foldable dock steps, the i3 swim ladder, side boarding ladders, passerelles and pillar tender fenders.
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Geo Therm Ltd is an independent, thirdparty professional inspection company with a global reach. For the past 20 years Geo Therm Ltd has continued to grow aligned to customer needs, conducting inspections in 40 countries covering annualised superyacht PMs, warranty survey requests and the ISM at the request of the chief engineer or managing company. Based in the United Kingdom, Geo Therm Ltd’s IIMS surveyors are available for rapid mobilisation to meet the owners’ global operational requirements. Offering electrical thermographic and enclosure water tightness testing using ultrasound to maintain yacht uptime and regulatory compliance. When bringing ultrasound technology into the yacht’s PM regime this enables low energy waveforms to be discerned, noises and waveform patterns that are characteristic of equipment failure modes, such as identifying defective bearings, electrical arcing, air leaks at door seals and in compressed air lines, even when working in noisy environments such as an engine room. The company’s’ services are reliable, responsive and cost-effective, with availability at short notice to support your superyacht.
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GeoThermGeo Therm

Tidal Yachting was established in 2017, with a vision of providing a supportive platform for owners and crew alike. An ever developing company that strives to be the best at what they do to combat the changes and challenges the yachts and owners face. The team are solution- based thinkers that pride themselves on transparent communication and flexibility with any project they are involved in. At the heart of it all, they are a team who love what they do, are passionate about yachting, the ocean, and the adventure that it brings. As past yacht captains and crew, with decades of combined experiences in the maritime industries, Tidal Yachting prides themselves on being able to deliver reliable and bespoke services to the yacht owners, charterers, and partners alike. Whilst their services are often expanding with the ever changing requests from clients, they continue to build and work with some of the best industry partners globally to ensure you can sit back and relax knowing you’re in the best of hands.
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Vessel Work’s superyacht haul out can accommodate vessels from 15- 55m. Situated a two hour drive from Auckland international airport, the facility is purpose built to lift vessels up to 350 tonnes. Additionally, larger yachts have alongside berthing up to 55m, with construction starting soon to increase the water capacity via a refit wharf extension of 120m. The open yard allows a vessel conducting a refit the flexibility of unlimited contractor access to complete a project with contractors of your choosing. Yachts visiting New Zealand benefit from a 24-month Temporary Import Entry (TIE), and refit services and supplies which are exempt from New Zealand’s 15% goods and services tax (GST). Vessel Works is also New Zealand Customs-approved Place of First arrival.
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Vessel WorksVessel Works, New Zealand

JST is the highest quality teak best suited for marine use. Teak is known universally as the “King of Hardwoods” due to its outstanding colour, durability, strength and low weight. Teak is especially prized amongst boatbuilders for these qualities and has for centuries been the benchmark that defines a fine quality yacht. Teak is a natural product with a carbon neutral footprint so the more that is cut and planted the more carbon is absorbed by young growth. Teak does not require chemical or heat treatment to give its strength, durability and colour, it is comfortable underfoot in a huge range of temperatures and provides a sure footing on a pitching and rolling deck in either wet or dry conditions. JST is the best sustainable and certified teak available in the market right now. It has been obtained after many years of sourcing, researching and testing for the best teak to be used in the nautical industry. JST is FLEGT certified, therefore has the most complete certification in order to comply with European regulations (EUTR) and Great Britain (UKTR).
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The extraordinary world of superyachts asks for exceptional expertise. The Dutch company MCK-Suppliers has an experienced, ambitious team of experts that know their way around refit, new build and operational yachts very well. The team, together with their extensive network of excellent suppliers and shippers, makes them able to respond quickly and professionally to their customers demands. Check out the MCK-Suppliers’ webshop, which makes it even more convenient to handpick all your necessary components. You will find spare parts and maintenance products that can be ordered securely and easily for a fair price.
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For the past 20 years YAS Protec has been the world leader for temporary protection in the yachting industry for refit and new builds. Protection materials proposed by YAS Protec answer every specific need, they are strong and resistant, waterproof or breathable, they are European flame retardant classified and the majority are recycled and/or recyclable. YAS Protec is the exclusive dealer in France for Protec Marine Products and offer a full service of customised protection, with detailed survey reports and job execution by teams of expert technicians in order to avoid damage during yard periods, allowing crew and contractors to work in confidence without fear of damaging surfaces and to protect floors, walls, engine rooms and decks during any form of works.
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YAS ProtecYAS Protec

For supreme comfort one must look at stabilising local spots onboard. Ship movements caused by the sea have its charm for some, but it may be a challenge leading to discomfort, seasickness and fatigue related symptoms. STABLE exceptional technology allows local spot stabilising onboard, neutralising roll and pitch movements and sideway forces. Bespoke, easy for retro-fit, low power, completely silent and fully electric. From the world’s first stabilised billiard table delivered in 2002, STABLE have delivered numerous billiards and pool tables for the cruise and superyacht segment. The technology may be integrated in unique table designs from various billiard manufactures, even for tables to be used outside. The ultimate comfort of course starts with a stabilised bed. Everyone wants a good night’s sleep. A stabilised embedded platform inside your bed will let you sleep unaffected through rolling waves. Integrated with your interior designers unique design, or with suppliers of bespoke luxury beds and handmade mattresses is possible.
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Aufait are yacht cabinetmakers and an interior refit company, based in Palma de Mallorca. They have worked with some of the most prestigious yachts in the world, specialising in the manufacture of interior and exterior furniture and interior refit, reform and repair. Aufait have two workshops, with the machining and manufacture process in one, and the assembly and final production in the other. This is enhanced by an area dedicated to setting up life size replica mock-ups, which ensures that the product meets the highest standards of quality and workmanship, prior to installation on board. Furniture making is an art and Aufait have the unique ability to change a yacht interior, while ensuring it seamlessly appears as if it was part of the original build.
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bsw yachteinrichter
bsw yachteinrichter operates worldwide as a turn-key supplier for exclusive yacht interiors. Founded in 2007, bsw yachteinrichter is known for its absolute precision in the field of yacht interior installation. As specialists of luxury yacht interiors and equipment, bsw boasts knowledge and experience from more than 30 exclusive projects and ensures the highest standard of quality. The experienced team of over 30 provide a turn-key service specialising exclusively in yacht interior outfitting. bsw oversees every step from the design drawings to fabrication and onboard installation, ensuring the project is completed to the highest standards. Together with its manufacturing partners, it fabricates yacht interiors and provides solutions according to every unique yacht.
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bsw yachteinrichterbsw yachteinrichter

Emigreen® emission control solutions are always highly reliable, fully controllable and impressively efficient. Yet when it comes to luxury yachts, aesthetics are also important. The systems reduce exhaust noise, neutralise nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and trap soot particles so they no longer find their way onto the deck, into the swimming pool and into the water around the yacht. This gives the yacht designer more freedom in the positioning of otherwise emission sensitive components. At Emigreen®, they are leaders in these developments. Their solutions use state-of-the-art technology to create high-performance exhaust silencing with integrated next-generation diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. As your global partner they are committed to continuous improvement and open communication.
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