Refit Essentials for 2020


Caulking is one of the most important components of a properly installed teak deck. The narrow caulk-filled seams between teak planks are not merely decorative but have a vital role in keeping a deck watertight. The seams are critical expansion and contraction joints, which must move and flex with the vessel. The caulk must adhere to teak plank sidewalls while remaining elastic for deck flexing, and it must be temperature-resistant for all weather conditions. Furthermore, the caulk must be resistant to chemicals and UV degradation. Teakdecking Systems could not find an acceptable commercial caulk product to meet the extreme demands of superyachts, and commercial boats so they developed their own: SIS 440 Teak Deck Caulking. This proprietary product is installed on more than 50,000 decks globally. Teakdecking Systems recently published a 16-page guide available on their website
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Welcome to Gurit’s latest generation, award winning multi-purpose epoxy range, AMPRO™. A simple to use all-purpose epoxy ideally suited for bonding, coating, laminating and filling. The epoxy is perfect for the repair and refit of wooden structures and interiors due to its rapid cure at temperatures as low as +5°C and its flexibility of use in multiple applications. The AMPRO™ range includes a bio-based alternative. The more environmentally friendly AMPRO™ BIO option does not compromise on performance, retaining all of the key properties you would expect from a state-of-the-art multi-purpose epoxy. It was developed using chemicals derived from plant-based materials that are by-products of the food chain rather than petro-chemicals. Thanks to the >40% bio-content, AMPRO™ BIO is a more sustainable product, which has a richer colour and further enhances the natural grain of the wood being coated. Alongside the sustainability benefits, the complete AMPRO™ range mirrors Gurit’s commitment to health and safety using base chemicals with low hazards to minimise the risk to users.
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Makefast design and manufacture a range of high quality fittings and systems ideally suited for boat refits. Including sun awnings, sunroofs, powered doors and windows, anchor deployment systems, plus a comprehensive range of hardware and carbon pole systems for sail shade structures. Group includes CMD, a subsidiary company working with boat builders developing bespoke systems for Tenders and Superyachts. Supporting them is Precision Engineer owned by Makefast offering in house CNC machining capabilities. In addition to the high quality products, the Makefast range covers everything from safety products and hardware to

mould-breaking designs for sliding roofs and automatic bimini systems that represent the ultimate in world-class marine design and manufacturing. Although a UK based organisation, Makefast is continually expanding its area of operation, and now has distributors in Italy and Taiwan to service the worldwide clientele. The high standards of management and customer focus is reflected in the ISO 9001 accreditation and proud membership of the British Marine Federation.
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HEM, with its head office in Antibes, is Europe’s leading brand for fresh water generation systems and services for superyachts. The company is owned by Evac Group, the world’s premier provider of integrated water and waste management systems and corrosion protection systems. The company offers bespoke solutions throughout the superyacht industry. The superyacht industry demands systems and service of the highest standards and the offices in the Mediterranean yacht service hubs of Antibes, and Palma de Mallorca, have been serving the market for more than 30 years. With their strong background of experience, in-house design facilities and fully equipped workshop, they have the resources to provide space efficient customised solutions.
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Anchorlift Technic deliver a wide selection of davits for tenders, RIB tenders and JetSkis up to 7m, for mounting on swim platforms and on the deck. For yachts that don’t have a hydraulic platform or crane for lifting the tender out of the water, Anchorlift Technic have created a unique swing tilt type davit called DD5, for tenders and jet skis up to 3,5m and 300kg. All products are 100% European made with the best finish possible and made from the best 316L stainless steel available. Davits are fully adjustable and fit most tenders and jetskis on the market. Anchorlift windlasses and windlass accessories are made with the highest quality materials, and they provide a 5-year warranty on all windlass models and windlass accessories. The warranty covers all windlass models and windlass accessories that are found to be defective and will replace the defective part(s) free of charge.
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With the most experienced team in the Mediterranean, BMComposites are the number one for new build and refit composite projects. A recent and important project carried out by the team was to build a new helm console on S/Y Black Sails. Featuring custom built fold down control panels with soft action opening; embedded laser wire lighting for unimpeded night vision in both the control panel and pedestal; compact, ultra-modern slimline design by Adriana Monk of Monk Design. Modelled and engineered by 3D-Tech and realised by BM Composites. Beautifully engineered, lightweight, durable and packed full of the latest technology. The depth of knowledge within the team is vast and this is shown through the variety of successful projects the team has completed over the years. The team is also willing to travel and work onsite for numerous projects.
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MARSAL is a specialist waste volume reduction equipment supplier. With space being a premium on board pretty much every superyacht, what to do with your waste whilst on a charter or amusing the owner is of great importance. Add the often high temperatures and the possible odours emitted from food waste and other rubbish, and you’ve got yourself quite a problem. MARSAL have various solutions from compactors, shredders to granulators for all the general soft waste materials generated onboard. The galley food disposal units are small enough to hide away under the counter in the galley and dry the food waste. The eco-smart de-hydrators dry raw food overnight, eliminating the odours and reducing the volume by 80-95%. Other popular machines include the Expleco GL glass bottle treatment and recycling unit. This basically crushes and grinds the bottles into sand, thus reducing storage issues. MARSAL was also delighted to be recently awarded the exclusive agreements with MS Yacht Services for their fleet.
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SYLKA prides itself on its high levels of service – from the initial consultation, through to sampling and then final installation. Installers all serve a seven-year apprenticeship, so when it comes to the final product, SYLKA is confident that their clients will be delighted with the workmanship. SYLKAs multi-award-winning collection of broadloom and hand-crafted carpets and rugs can be found gracing the floors of some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious superyachts. If you are looking to refresh and revitalise your yacht then SYLKA is the brand for you. Developed using the innovative NuSilk™ fibre system, SYLKA™ carpets and rugs deliver the look and feel of natural silk but with superior durability – SYLKA™’s commercial grading means that it easily withstands sun damage and spillages, including salt water. Its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic also makes SYLKA™ ideal for charter vessels. SYLKA™ can be customised to any shade for minimum orders of as little as 20 square metres, with a small dyeing surcharge. SYLKA™ is dedicated to promoting sustainability by ensuring that the manufacturing operations are safe for the employees, the community and the environment. All SYLKA™ products are NuGreen™ certified and pass the CAL 1350 test for VOC emissions giving you assurance of the lowest VOCs in the industry and the best choice for a healthy indoor environment. The products they produce are engineered with performance in mind to extend their useful life.
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Carpentry and Boat Building Services was established in 2007 and has steadily grown into being one of the largest yacht joinery companies in Mallorca. With their reputation being built on the understanding that as a company, C.A.B.B.S provides quality workmanship above all else. Modern woodworking techniques and modern woodworking machinery all combined in a two hundred square metre workshop located only ten minutes from the local marinas, means C.A.B.B.S is ideally located and well equipped to service the local and international marine industry. The highly skilled team is willing and able to complete whatever job is required, be it a full interior refit or alteration, a new teak deck or repairs, bespoke exterior furniture, or perhaps Perspex or Corian work. Over the past years there is very little that the team has not been asked to build or even repair on board. The end result from their unwavering dedication to quality and attention to detail means the final product will be something that you will be proud of. With an emphasis on quality and customer service C.A.B.B.S is the logical choice. For an honest, value for money and reliable service, based in the hub of Mediterranean yachting, call C.A.B.B.S.
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MTSea is an air conditioning and refrigeration company based in Palma de Mallorca that specialises in working on superyachts of all sizes. The company name is new, but the company has many years of experience in this field. The owner, and lead refrigeration engineer is a qualified ex-yacht engineer so understands both yachts and refrigeration which is an unusual but massive advantage over competitors. They understand the time restraints and are happy to help pre-ording spares and are also available at short notice to jump on board if there is an operational fault. The owner leads a team of refrigeration engineers and technicians supported by an knowledgable administration team. MTSea is proud to be the Octo Marine agent in Mallorca, and have a dedicated representative who can assist with your water testing and treatment needs.
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With the growth in superyacht owners, guests and crew wanting to explore new locations, exploring new fishing spots, diving wrecks and reefs – the WASSP Multibeam W3 sounder system is becoming must have equipment for the world’s superyachts. WASSP W3 (Wireless) is ideally suited to use when navigating in unknown waters or where marine charts lack sufficient detail, WASSP W3 takes the risk out of the equation for the captains of these large and very expensive vessels. Installed in the tender or support vessel of a superyacht, W3 uses a wireless link to send a real-time sea floor map back to the superyachts bridge system and display on a MaxSea navigation plotting platform – all in realtime. Once installed and thanks to the very wide swath width and hundreds of beams, the seafloor can be mapped quickly and in high resolution. A standard echo sounder only measures one point at a time, whereas WASSP W3 measures 224 points at a time over a coverage of 120 degrees. One of the major advantages of WASSP W3 is that the main equipment is installed in the tender so there is very little interruption in day to day operations of the mothership or the need to go into drydock. As the opposite images show, WASSP W3 allows users to build their own bathymetric maps of the underwater environment.
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EXCELERATE Excell 4G Optimiser. With over 18 years of experience delivering integrated solutions and ubiquitous connectivity across multiple markets, including the emergency services in the UK. Excelerate Marine are trusted to deliver user-focused solutions. Such as the EXCELERATE Excell 4G Optimiser. As experts in system integration and industry leaders in communications technology, they collaborate with the customers to deliver state of the art solutions to meet their exact needs. From connectivity, navigation, and bridge systems, to full entertainment systems, ensuring all applications are simple to operate for users. The Excelerate Excell allows customers to benefit from increased 4G connectivity in every direction, both whilst at sea and along the coastline. With the benefits of both omni-directional and directional antennas, users can experience a higher speed and more reliable service. For more details Tel: +44 (0)7833 445013 or visit
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Tilse Yacht is a high quality glazing solution for the superyachting industry. Since 1974, TILSE products have been installed on more than 250 luxury , both new build and refits. Some and the multiple awarded superyacht M/Y DAR. TILSE supports their partners and clients in all project phases with their expertise and many years of experience: planning, design, production, worldwide installation and service – all from a single source. This is only possible due to their production plant based in Germany where the individual pieces of glass, both flat and curved are manufactured by highly qualified technicians. The high quality of TILSE products is not only achieved by the excellent craftsmanship but also by the selection of only the

best raw materials. TILSE is ready for any challenge in terms of shape and size of glazing needed and is experienced in retro fitting all types of glazing on board motor and sailing yachts. A self-developed resin bonds the compound security glass made out of two or more chemically tempered panes. This makes the glass insensitive to moisture and thus protected against de-lamination. In addition, the glass offers full protection against dangerous UV rays. The exclusive use of chemical toughening guarantees excellent vision without distortion or deformation that cannot be achieved with thermally toughened glass.
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With 15 years of experience and more than 1500 protected yachts, YAS Protec is the world’s largest specialist in temporary protection during refit and new build. Chief Executive David Sieur explained, “Our goal is to ease the level of involvement onboard by managers, shipyards representatives, crew members and subcontractors. We assist and protect against damage on luxury fittings during works. Allowing subcontractors to work with confidence without fear of damaging expensive items on board. For the crew, they feel the yacht is protected and the shipyards show its customers importance of caring for the yacht and facilitating delivery of the yacht without surprises due to potential damage.”
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The Hull Vane® is a patented hydrodynamic wing which is placed below the stern of a ship, saving energy and improving seakeeping. Because of its similarity with a car spoiler, it has been called “the underwater spoiler”. The energy of the stern wave and of the ship motions is converted by the wing into forward thrust, resulting in a more efficient, faster, quieter and more comfortable yacht. Since 2014 Hull Vane BV has been operating in the worldwide maritime market, with a special focus on yachts, naval and patrol vessels and ferries. With over 20 units built and installed, it’s a proven solution. For superyacht owners desiring the very best in ride comfort, Hull Vane BV has developed an active version together with renowned stabilizer manufacturer Naiad Dynamics. Called the Dynamic Hull Vane, this version features a variable angle-of-attack wing which dampens the pitch motions even more. It is the only active pitch stabilizer for displacement ships on the market, and it is also the only stabilizer which doesn’t increase fuel consumption, but reduces it. The Dynamic Hull Vane works perfectly in conjunction with other stabilizers with Naiad’s Total Ride Control system.
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Böning ship electronics are not only extremely well-suited for initial installations in new build vessels, but also refit installations to upgrade equipment on older vessels. Using state of the art technology, Böning Automationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG located in Ganderkesee, Germany, manufactures durable, modular products. This allows ships to be outfitted in an individualised, reaction-free manner, matched precisely to the customer s needs and requirements. Böning is able to offer initial outfit and retrofit solutions that can be expanded and updated when needed. Today, their devices and systems can be found on more than 13,000 commercial ships and luxury yachts. Böning’s close cooperation with the customers results in the production of practice-oriented, reliable devices and systems.
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SPOCC: The next phase in HVAC technology is the Service Portal and Operation Control Centre. An application which is accessible on your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. It is connected and integrated with your on-board HVAC system, and can provide real-time information about the performance of your system, monitor and analyse the health of the equipment, log the history of the system, notify you when maintenance is needed, help you easily and quickly buy spare parts, group documentation in a library and give fast access to a H&H specialist. Prevention of problems or faults is key so the system is linked to the SCADA system through a secure one-way connection.
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Sensible light often lacks focus when planning the project, but that needn’t be the case. The comfort of controlling your lights via a mobile device and automating various light scenes will inspire you. In addition, there are a multitude of possibilities to easily integrate sensors, such as motion detectors and timers into your control system. prebit-smart-light is the simplest, fastest and most economical solution for modern, smart lighting management. Especially in difficult construction situations, which make the subsequent installation of control cables impossible. Nevertheless, you should think about and plan the lighting at the yacht design phase. prebit-smart is wireless, intelligent lighting management via a free app. The app is kept simple, but leaves nothing to be desired. The device and later modifications are simple to use, even without any prior knowledge. With the new SunLike technology, prebit has

an innovative full-spectrum LED series available, whose light is close to sunlight and perfectly attuned to the human biorhythm.
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