Superyacht RIB Tenders

As the industry welcomes a new generation of more adventurous and thrill seeking owners, the RIB tender market is exploding. ONBOARD takes a look at some of the market leaders

You’ll need a good memory, or be of a certain age to remember when RIBS were just the orange coloured rescue boats demanded by SOLAS. Instead, with the help of many ingenious designs and forward thinking manufacturers, they have become the ultimate utility tender. In fact, no matter the size of your mothership, or your specific needs for a tender, there is a huge range of RIBS on offer from small jet driven crew tenders up to large chase boats with a luxurious feel that was once restricted to the past limousine tenders.

They come in all shapes and sizes and with price tags that vary from quite reasonable to downright outrageous. Rigid hulls topped with inflatable collars to add the buoyancy and stability are considered to be the defining attributes of a RIB. Their inflatable tubes provide excellent fendering protection when coming alongside the mothership and is perfect for choppy sea conditions, as mentioned above, this is why the new generation of owners are looking at RIBS for their excursion and adventures.

Powered by petrol, diesel and now electric engines you are ensured reliability, layout flexibility and they can be matched to the compatibility of the mother yacht’s fuel/power system. Diversity is however the key when it comes to the evolution of the RIB and today there are a wide range of uses that they are put to depending upon their design. RIBS can be adapted to have drop down bow ramps making them ideal when it comes to setting up the picnic ashore and delivering four wheel drive vehicles, motorbikes or ATVs, and then ferrying the guests out to enjoy the amenities that have been shipped ashore for their gratification. RIBS are used as limousines and come designed to look and feel like their shoreside counterparts that whisk owners and guests from private jets to docksides. From that point guests can enjoy the same creature comforts afloat as they speed across the anchorage, sipping champagne in complete comfort. Other designs send RIBs dashing across open waters at thrill making speeds towing inflatables and skiers keen to enjoy all manner of watersports. The same RIBS can be used to marshal guests astride Jetskis and even transport them out to dive sites. Driven by propellers for the most part, there is today, an increasing demand for RIBS powered using water jets considered by most jet jockeys as being safer and more manoeuvrable. As electricity becomes the cleaner quieter choice of propulsor, so too is the RIB adapting to this more silent form of water transport.

The range of RIBS on offer is endless, once described as just a passing gimmick, one brand of beach crawling RIB is catching on fast and making genuine inroads into the superyacht tender market. But what do you want from your RIB?

In today’s brave new world, RIBS are ordered through specialist vendors at the same time as the construction of the mothership. This allows for tenders to be built to order and garages adapted to accommodate their easy storage, launching and recovery. The options when looking for a RIB are endless, they offer stability, manoeuvrability flexibility in design and look pretty damn sexy.

The Lomac GranTurismo and Adrenalina range satisfy the needs of an international clientele that pays attention to design, performance and safety, but also and above all to onboard comfort. Perfect as luxury tender boats, performing and elegant at the same time, they are totally customisable: from the colour of the tubulars and cushions to the colour of the gelcoat used for the hull and deck, to the onboard accessories such as awnings and handrails. Each unit becomes unique according to the taste and personality of each customer; they are therefore perfect for those boat owners who like to have a tender that reflects the style of their boat and its personality. The design and the water lines bear the signature of Federico Fiorentino, a talented Milanese designer with extensive experience in luxury and racing boats who has been collaborating with the Lombard
shipyard for the past ten years.

LomacLomac GranTurismo
Rafnar - Leiftur 1100

With a broad and varied range of yacht tenders and support craft in their portfolio to suit all super yachting and explorer yachting needs, RAFNAR MARITIME have over the past few years expanded production capability to Greece and the U.K. so as to service growing industry demand. With primary design facilities remaining in Iceland, and a newly created network for marketing, building, and servicing of their craft under license in Greece, U.K, Turkey and Spain, RAFNAR MARITIME are now launching new design concepts for their already well established Rafnar 850 and Rafnar 1100 craft in their range, with the 1200 and larger 1430 completing the series. Using the unique and patented ÖK Hull technology, exciting new developments are eagerly awaited by the market for the new special builds in the series, which is based on a rugged search and rescue
and explorer craft concept.

Sealegs offers the broadest range of amphibious craft in the market. A range that is only set to expand over the coming months. Recently the company experienced a very successful launch of the largest Sealegs offering to date – the 12 metre Cabin RIB (12RC). Having attracted significant high praise from the boating media, the first craft is now on route to its new European owner and in the few short weeks since its launch Sealegs has picked up over $7.5 million in additional orders. At the other end of the size spectrum the Sealegs team are working on the imminent release of their latest, and smallest offering, the all-electric 3.8m tender. Specifically designed to be accommodated within the Lazarette of larger luxury cruisers such as the Maratimos and Riverieras this new model is proving hugely popular. Rounding out their current releases, Sealegs will shortly be releasing a totally remodelled version of their popular 6.1m all alloy craft – the 6.5m Cuddy Cabin. Targeted at the recreational fisher and boater, who is after a high volume but also a great choice as a flexible utility adventure tender, the 6.5m craft is feature rich while still providing a practical and easy to use configuration – the first 6.5m began deliveries to the first customers in late December 2022. To keep up to date with other new models, the 6.5m will be on display, along with a number of Sealegs models at the upcoming Auckland On Water Boat Show in March 2023.

Sealegs RIBSealegs 3.8m Tender (Electric)

Undoubtedly the fastest, most fuel efficient boat in its class, Genesis 31 can reach top speeds in excess of 70 knots with twin Mercury 300hp. Thanks to its Deep V unique hull with the twin Ventilated Steps, Genesis 31 provides a smooth ride, precision balance and handling in all kinds of sea conditions, as well as low fuel consumption (1,8 lit/nm at 35 knots with twin Mercury 300 V8). The innovative Antidive System ® at the bow and the double Bow Steps are revolutionary elements of hull development. Their function is to reduce the response reaction of the bow when it comes in contact with the waves, thus preventing stuffing and minimising deceleration especially when travelling in rough seas. Standard edition comes up with a large sunbed at the bow, but deck accommodation can be customised according to your needs.


Novurania with its sleek design, high quality finish, and exciting technical innovations are a popular choice for yacht tenders and high- performance sport boats. The Chase series, ranging from 6 to 12 metres, is an excellent choice for those that seek an imposing luxury experience, extending beyond the mothership. Power choices include outboard, single or twin diesel engines from industry leaders. Each Novurania is custom built. From start to finish, a dedicated team of experienced engineers, designers and technicians will support the client in the decision-making process. They offer a variety of tailored options for the interior and exterior like seating, colour, upholstery, equipment packages and custom logo to technical aspects like custom lifting points and garage storage requirements. The company continues to evolve with their clients’ needs. If they dream it, Novurania can make it happen by adapting and implementing new features. This enables the company to continually renew the offering by looking to the future while respecting its unique heritage. Today, six major models are available: Chase, LX, Catamaran, Como, Equator and DL.

Superyacht Tenders and Toys unveiled an exciting new addition to their tender offering at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show – the ROAM 8 Adventure RIB. Produced in partnership with Naval Architects Argos Navis, the ROAM 8 is part of the rapidly expanding ROAM range of robust, no-nonsense, go-anywhere aluminium tenders designed for superyacht use. In keeping with the Superyacht Tenders and Toys ethos, ROAM RIBs have been designed with adventure in mind, whilst not compromising on deck space, comfort, or storage. As water sports enthusiasts it’s no surprise that the blueprint is designed to accommodate storage for kayaks, SUV’s, dive gear, wakeboards, Seabobs and much more, making a ROAM RIB the ultimate multi-purpose superyacht tender. Thanks to a highly versatile aluminium hull construction the ROAM RIB series are not only tough and infinitely customisable but have also been carefully crafted to reduce the carbon footprint of both construction and afterlife. Richard Booth, Senior Project Manager at Superyacht Tenders and Toys says “aluminium is a tough material and it can be fixed easily. If you run it up a beach somewhere you’re not that worried about it. It’s a very robust material. But what we love about it is its natural elements. GRP and fibreglass are man-made and you just can’t get rid of that stuff. It stays around forever, whereas with aluminium you can reuse every element of it.” ROAM’s stock RIBs are available in 8 or 10m. However, custom boats can be designed to any dimension and adapted to suit any garage, deck or berth. From concept and design to production and outfitting ROAM RIBs can be built in as little as six months, so you’ll be ready to ROAM before you know it!


The Pulse 63, a 100% electric, zero-emission 6.3m RIB from RS Electric Boats, is the world’s first RIB with a fully integrated electric drive. Offering a top speed of 23 knots and a range of up to 100 nautical miles, it’s as environmentally friendly as you can get. It’s been in development for five years, and it shows in its instant acceleration, feather-light control and hydrodynamic performance on the water. Aside from its performance credentials – tried and tested on the SailGP circuit in 2022 – it’s super sustainable. The interior deck, floor, console, engine box and hatches are made from recycled carbon fibre, with a recycled PET core. The hull is made from an innovative laminate (developed by sister company RS Sailing for its dinghies) which is lightweight, durable and incredibly strong. In terms of driving experience, the Pulse 63 has a unique cathedral hull shape, which reduces drag, promotes quick acceleration and creates an air cushion that means the cockpit is much drier than expected, even in rough seas. Its simplicity of design means less noise, less vibration and less maintenance. We particularly love the balance between environmental friendliness, ease of maintenance and the performance it offers. One spin on this and you can tell why the Pulse 63 is heralded as the leading electric model for leisure, coaching, commercial use and as a superyacht tender.

RS Electric BoatsPulse 63 Coach Boat

Williams Jet Tenders, the world’s leading jet tender specialist, has revolutionised the industry with tenders that blend power, luxury, and practicality, including the EvoJet 70. Specifically created for parent yachts exceeding 40m, the EvoJet 70 is capable of carrying 13 guests. Every detail has been considered for this semi-custom tender, which sees Williams offer the unique proposition of delivering semi-customisable tenders with shorter lead times and no compromise on quality. The striking tender has multiple boarding options and an innovative foldout walk-through transom to ensure smooth transition from parent yacht or dock. The tender also features concealed LED lighting and controllable illumination for effortless boarding. Powered by a 250hp Yanmar 4LV diesel engine and utilising Williams’ renowned jet pump, its proven Deep-V hull gives remarkable comfort and access to those remote coves and hard-to-reach areas thanks to its 200-litre fuel tank. One of the most admired features on the new EvoJet 70 is the optional folding carbon fibre T-Top, which ensures ample shade for the driver and passengers and can fold flat for easy garage fitment. As an option, the T-Top can also support fore and aft Bimini canopies. With the EvoJet 70, the superyacht experience doesn’t stop when you step aboard your tender.

Goldfish tenders

The 46 Bullet redefines reality, pushing the limits of high-performance, long-distance RIBs to breath-taking new extremes. Its extreme sea-keeping capabilities deliver an experience unlike anything else on the water. This is a boat designed to deliver the power, confidence and desire to explore like never before. The Bullet series is built for an uncompromising and distinctive driving experience. The hull is engineered for maximum hydrodynamic efficiency, the result is a craft with a voracious appetite for eating up long-haul nautical miles, but a joy in the intimate pleasures of every single second on the water. The cockpit has been designed with the driver in mind. Every superfluous attribute has been eliminated. This is the purest form of driving pleasure we offer. Configure your 46 Bullet with a choice of three different seating arrangements. Six Ullmann Daytona seats, six Ullmann Echelon seats, or two Ullmann Echelon driving seats and 4 compact seats. The model also offers a simple but spacious cabin, with a capacity for four people. Entrance through a glass hatch in the bow of the deck.


The evolution of Cobra RIBs has spanned more than 30 years and we remain the sole designer and manufacturer of the now highly respected Cobra RIBs product. We are proud of our heritage – from humble beginnings in 1988 to the producer of the now world-renowned Deep V Hulled Nautique power boat range. Since our beginning, we have launched 5 generations of the Nautique model which today remains at the forefront of the RIB market and has become synonymous globally with the phrase the ‘Ultimate Family Adventure RIB. All of our Cobras are custom built in the UK using only the finest materials. Our handcrafted build process is something we pride ourselves on – and we strongly believe that the exceptional quality of our boats is down to the fact that we hand finish every single one

Naumatec Ribs

NAUMATEC, born in 2005 from a strong passion for the high performance hulls, today builds a range of exclusive tenders from 3.8 mt to 12 mt, targeted towards the most elegant, sophisticated and exacting customers. NAUMATEC products’ leading points are: high quality materials, great attention to details, sophisticated design, safety, remarkable performance: in short, the perfect MADE IN ITALY RIBs. NAUMATEC’s last born is TENDERLUX 620S, restyling of the TENDERLUX 620 of which it maintains the same elegant design, excellent performances and comfortable interior spaces. It is available also in a 5,85 meters configuration that keeps internal accommodation unchanged, an option when space inside the yacht is an issue. The yard pays particular attention to the internal livability of its tenders, especially in models up to 6 meters which are characterized by very large, comfortable and easily accessible spaces for the tender size. Believing that a tender should reflect quality, image and prestige of the yacht it belongs, Naumatec customizes its tenders’ finishes according to the owner’s need.