Superyacht safety signage

Excellence by Everlux for Super Yachts is more than just a brand of safety signage. It is a way of combining safety, luxury and design, all in one

Everlux is a recognised supplier of photoluminescent safety signs for the maritime industry, however, some years ago the company decided to extend its solutions to the luxury market and superyacht industry.

Everlux always strives to be as competitive as possible, never neglecting the quality of the products and its main purpose: safety at sea.

For that reason, the technology used to produce the Excellence range by Everlux for Super Yachts signage has been improved by using coloured photoluminescent pigments that allow both the pictogram and the background colours to be visible in the dark.

The Excellence range uses noble base materials which, while keeping a discreet profile, produce an innovative and luxurious finish to every sign. These features assure that the signs will blend in with the interior design highlighting the attention to detail of the environment created for every vessel in this distinctive superyacht category.

The standard base material offer includes signage manufactured in:

  • Acrylic glass: transparent crystal, opaque, white, black and mirror bronze
  • Metal – brushed stainless steel and brass

These materials guarantee that the product is durable and highly resistant, as well as easy and quick to install and clean. Nevertheless, clients can choose an ‘Excellence by You’ approach to their projects in which they can specify the base materials of the signs that will assure the correct and compliant identification of the firefighting and lifesaving equipment locations and escape routes in their superyachts. In such cases, clients tend to have their signs manufactured in the same base materials used in the interior decoration, such as oak or even precious metals.

The Excellence by Everlux for Super Yachts brand is available worldwide and includes:

  • Means of Escape Signs (MES)
  • Emergency Equipment Signs (EES)
  • Life-Saving Appliances (LSS)
  • Fire-Fighting Equipment Signs (FES)
  • Mandatory (MSS) and Prohibition signs (PSS)

All of the above include standardised pictograms complying with the LY3 (the Large Yacht Code) and IMO Res. A.1116(30). Nevertheless, with the Excellence by Everlux new sign matrixes, it is also possible to quickly produce signs with any graphic or specific text content desired by the client.

If you are looking for highly discreet profile safety signage and want to create a harmonious co-existence between the sign elements and the luxury interior environment, then Excellence by Everlux is the perfect solution. To evaluate the possibility of using the Excellence by Everlux for Super Yachts and to test how these will work in your project, please contact the team for more information or to request your sample kit: [email protected].

The recently launched, brand new Everlux catalogue for the marine and offshore market, features many new safety signs, particularly, an increased number of Excellence by Everlux Signs for the superyacht segment.

With a modernised graphical image and a revised content structure, the new catalogue introduces a new photoluminescent product with increased luminance properties now meeting Class C as per the requirements of ISO 17398 – Safety colours and safety sign – Classification performance and durability of safety signs.

The new Everlux catalogue can be downloaded in the following link:

To learn more about the Excellence by Everlux products and solutions for superyachts, you can also visit our innovative virtual exhibition for superyacht clients:

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