Dive, Dive, Dive

The ultimate superyacht toy to help your guests discover the wonders that lie beneath the surface of the waters around the world


Whether it’s a wreck-diving operation in the Mediterranean or an exploration dive in the Arctic Sea, U-Boat Worx have the perfect private submarine for all occasions. The new NEMO submarine is the lightest submarine built to date. It has a single lifting point and can easily be placed on a flat surface without the need for a cradle or davit. It has a footprint of less than two jetskis.


SEAmagine have been defining ingenuity in submersible engineering for over 25 years and the company’s Aurora models are truly an underwater adventurer’s dream machines. The hydrodynamic outer body of the submarine is a double shell superstructure made of carbon fibre that is re-enforced with Kevla giving vast expanses of glass and wide entry hatches. Not forgetting Classification: ABS, A1+, Cayman Islands Flag certification.


Thanks to proprietary construction techniques developed in collaboration with partners Röhm and Heinz Fritz in Germany; the Triton 3300/6 features the largest acrylic pressure hull produced to date. A staggered ‘stadium seating’ ensures each occupant has an uninterrupted panoramic view for a unique optical experience.


Developed more for the tourist industry than its competitors, the The Super Falcon 3S adds a third cockpit, allowing a trained pilot to take two passengers on the underwater adventure of a lifetime! Guests sit in their own comfortable, form fitting cockpit, with legs outstretched, enjoying a 360-degree view of the amazing ocean world around them. Certified by Lloyds Register, Super Falcon 3S incorporates all the safety systems DeepFlight submarines are known for.