Superyacht technology essentials

Improving the onboard experience for owners and charter guests is paramount and with the ever changing world of technology you need to keep on top of the latest offerings


The British company has developed an award-winning ‘magic box’ that protects superyachts from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Computer Network Defence’s ‘Osprey’ device was created to combat the specific threats that high net worth individuals face while on board their superyachts. Having provided cyber-security on vessels for a number of years, the company realised that a new form of technology was required, especially for smaller vessels, which lacked the infrastructure to host traditional services. With nothing on the market, it developed a briefcase- sized appliance that constantly monitors threats and reports them to the Computer Network Defence (CND) team. Staff are on duty 24/7 at the company’s HQ in Corsham near Bath and its specialist security centre on the Isle of Man, and they take the necessary actions to eliminate threats. The Osprey box is sent to the superyachts and crew simply plug them in and they configure them from the office.

The team provides vessels a secure, 21st century solution for yacht data recording, with multiple benefits including remote reviews and audits, custom reporting, and an offline solution, all backed up with full end to end encryption. eLogbooks, a cloud- based, cyber and data secure solution, crew can record, access, and verify data entries from a computer or tablet. Clients can customise and manage vessel permissions, ensuring complete entry validation. The paperless digital logbooks for superyachts provide real-time recording and reporting with cybersecure, accessible data for crews, auditors and flag states. With 17+ books available, including bridge, engine, daily, laundry, garbage and GMDSS radio books, our logbooks are designed with the yacht, crew and governance bodies at their core. Packed with functionality and IMO, MARPOL and SOLAS compliant, they provide crew, auditors and flag states access to all data in real- time. But don’t take their word for it: “I have been dealing with Liz Jackson for over a year now. We have our Cayman Islands Logbook, Garbage Record Book and GMDSS logbook all online. I have found Liz and Sarah to be super helpful and with an excellent response time to any emails or queries I may have. I am happy with the experience I have had so far and will continue to employ their services” Chief Officer, 55m.


In the marine sector, fail-safety and robust control technology are essential. With the right IP power strips, AV technology can be effectively protected on yachts. The marine environment deals with media technology on commercial vessels, plus superyachts. A yacht without a high-quality entertainment system? Hardly imaginable. Many owners even follow the motto: the more entertainment on board, the better. This turns a yacht into an exclusive luxury home on the water. So that you can watch your favourite movie, series or sport without any problems, it is essential that the interaction of the IT and AV equipment works perfectly. ETOs have recognised that this can only be achieved by integrating the highest-quality components. Enter the new switchable IP Power solution for vertical mounting in AV racks. The Expert Power Control 87 is a new IP PDU (Power Distribution Unit) from GUDE Systems. It offers 20 or 30 switchable load outputs and is the perfect control and monitoring centre for 19-inch racks. This IP power solution makes it possible to switch certain devices or areas onboard on and off without interrupting the power to all other devices. It allows ETOs and AVIT engineers to monitor and control the power consumption and performance of specific devices and can be easily integrated into systems like Crestron, Control4 and QSC.

GUDE Systems
Yacht Intelligence

As technology advances, entertainment systems become more sophisticated and accessible to all superyacht owners. Yacht Intelligence offers its clients bespoke solutions such as AV systems, control systems, structured cabling, and lighting, as well as working on unique client-specific projects such as bespoke cinema setups and speakers. The team work closely with yacht designers, giving them more freedom without systems and cabling interfering with the aesthetics of their designs. The team works hard to develop strong and positive shipyard-supplier relationships, which has resulted in Yacht Intelligence being chosen as the audio-visual provider for numerous superyacht shipyards around the world. Yacht Intelligence announced earlier this year that it has opened a US office and warehouse to assist the company’s growing business and to focus on new build and refit projects in the USA. Why not improve your onboard user experience with integrated technology and total security.

With the long established ‘Virtual ETO® Bond Support Services’, your AV/IT/Comms/Lighting systems onboard are serviced and checked even while you sleep. With 30+ proactive specialist staff working across multiple time zones, the team ensure you are covered 24hrs, 7 days a week. Providing continuity of information throughout the life of the vessel, they maintain your systems and tackle issues as they arise.  As pioneers in supporting yachting technology, Bond have led the way in the field for over 16 years, working on some of the most significant yacht projects in the world.  A cost effective solution that doesn’t sleep or take time off.

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GEST Connect+

GEST Connect+
Introducing the groundbreaking GEST Connect+ App—a pioneer of luxury service in the yachting industry. Seamlessly integrated with the renowned GEST service call system, this app redefines the onboard experience. Tailored, efficient, and comprehensive, it represents excellence in 7-star service. Unveiling a future where every tap delivers unparalleled comfort and service excellence, GEST ensures immediate assistance while opening doors to a wide range of customizable features. What sets it apart? A built-in chat function facilitates private communication between guests and crew, while personalized preferences elevate the user experience. Easy installation over existing WiFi networks and integration flexibility underscore GEST’s commitment to simplicity. Embark on a journey where cutting-edge technology meets timeless luxury, thanks to the GEST Connect+ App.