Superyacht Tenders & RIBS


Love them or hate them, the RIB remains the workhorse of the superyacht industry. They are to yacht crew, what a horse and cart was to farmers in years gone by, or trucks are now, to the average construction worker. Those are my own analogies and I point blank refuse to use the suggestion that they are also the wheelbarrows of the superyacht world as one colleague once described them. But I do see his point!

From my own point of view, their job functions are as diverse as are their designs. They have moved on from being just the orange painted rescues boat demanded by SOLAS and have instead become the ultimate taxi. Like those private hire cars, they come in all shapes and sizes and with price tags that vary from; jolly reasonable to downright outrageous.

Rigid hulls topped with inflatable collars to add the buoyancy and stability are considered to be the defining attributes of a RIB. Their inflatable tubes provide excellent fendering protection when coming alongside the mothership and is perfect for choppy sea conditions. Engines powered by petrol, diesel and now even electricity ensure reliability and can be matched to the compatibility of the mother yacht’s fuel system.

Diversity is however the key when it comes to the evolution of the RIB and today there are a wide range of uses that they are put to depending upon their design. RIBS can be adapted to have drop down bow ramps making them ideal when it comes to setting up the picnic ashore and then ferrying the guests out to enjoy the amenities that have been shipped ashore for their gratification. RIBS are used as limousines and come designed to look and feel like their shore side counterparts that whisk owners and guests from private jets to docksides. From that point guests can enjoy the same creature comfort afloat as the speed across the anchorage, sipping champagne.

Other designs send RIBs dashing across open waters at thrill making speeds towing inflatables and skiers keen to enjoy all manner of watersports. The same RIBS can be used to marshal guests astride jetskis and even transport them out to dive sites.

Driven by propellors for the most part, there is today, an increasing demand for RIBS powered using water jets considered by most jet jockeys as being safer and more manoeuvrable. As electricity becomes the cleaner, quieter choice of propulsor, so too is the RIB adapting to this more silent form of water transport. Not that they are even confined to the water in today’s world. Once derided as just a passing gimmick, one brand of beach crawling RIB is catching on fast and making inroads into the tender market.

In today’s brave new world, RIBS are ordered trough specialist vendors at the same time as the construction of the mothership. This allows for tenders to be built to order and garages adapted to accommodate their easy storage launching and recovery.

In this feature we expand on what’s on the market and leave the choice of wheelbarrow up to you. Read on.


Goldfish produce a wonderful range of RIBs from the 28 & 46 Bullet, to the 30 & 38 Sport to the very serious X9 & X12 Pro Series. AS the team say, “You haven’t bought a product, you’ve joined a team”. This is a very serious part of the philosophy behind Goldfish and their boats. These vessels don’t just drop off the production line, each one is individually customed for its owner and end purpose. There is no compromise, every owner has a unique idea and the Golfish team want nothing else than to deliver the final product and completely exceed

the expectations of the future owner. The range covers inboards and outboards and is extending all the time due to market movement, but Goldfish are usually pretty much ahead of the game.


In gastronomical terms X-Craft would undoubtedly be a *** Michelin star restaurant and the X-Craft R8xx Outboard tender would be the chef’s signature dish. Not the most complicated course, also certainly not the most expensive choice on the menu, but it is the core X-Craft. Performance based for sure, built with the most exquisite attention to detail and outfitted to serve as the ultimate thrill seeking, lounge offering sports tender. Its inboard engine equivalent is an even more sophisticated tender. Offering the comfort and space one should demand from a superyacht tender of the highest

calibre. This inboard RIB is built with the same exquisite attention to detail, rivalling the best in the business. The driving experience is unmatched, while offering the smoothest dry ride for the guests. Every X-Craft tender is built with the attention to detail expected at the highest level of the super yacht industry. This attention to detail, throughout the entire build process, has resulted in a level of reliability that is rarely achieved on a super yacht tender. Not only have our boats developed a reputation for reliability, our growing fleet is able to rely on an aftersales ethos second to none.

Williams Jet Tenders

The Oxford based jet tender specialised have three main product lines and have conquered this market in supplying the larger superyacht market with versatile, reliable and attractive Dieseljets and the Turbojet tenders. Their fleet of tenders are firmly at the forefront and for a company that really only morphed into its current form about a decade ago, its quite remarkable. The Sportjet range is aimed more for those looking for fun and thrills on the waves rather than pure people moving duties, so as a performance utility tender the

Sportsjet ticks all the boxes. The team at Williams work very closely with many of the larger superyacht builders and have designed their range to compliment these vessels, working with the yards, owners and crew, the range has grown in popularity for many obvious reasons. Now, moving towards the larger more sporty tenders Williams are serious contenders in this utility division. Every inch of the Sportjet has been designed to work perfectly as both a tender and a ski boat, or as a standalone boat for weekend wakeboarding. The BRP Rotax jet engine is clean, quiet and safe with no exposed moving parts. A large aft platform and bathing ladder make it easy to get in and out with your gear, and a removable ski pole comes as standard. Rear-facing seats mean passengers can watch the action. The Sportjet combines power with exhilaration and safety, whether you’re at the helm enjoying the ride or skiing out the back. It is all thanks to the high-performance jet propulsion system, giving you impressive performance without the risk of exposed props. The Sport jet ranges runs from the 345 up to the 520 that utilizes the dependable 200hp BRP ACE 1503 engine that powers the tender to a scorching speed of over 45 knots

Iguana Yachts

Designed with highest standards at its core, the Iguana Knight combines all the functional capability of a RIB with Iguana’s versatile and pioneering mobility system. The Iguana Mobility System gives you access to all types of coasts, from soft sand to rocky soils without needing any infrastructure. It takes only 12 seconds to deploy the tracks enabling you to land safely onto the beach. Flexible, strong, and uniquely functional, the Iguana Knight is the ideal platform for water sports or unrestricted exploration. It provides the most incredible

amphibious capability without compromising the fundamental seaworthiness expected of a luxurious RIB. The Knight is everything you would expect from an Iguana Yachts’ craft. Performance and design are combined with precision engineering to create an extraordinary boating experience. The Iguana Knight has a sporty and cosy deck layout with all the features for great days on the water. Perfect for waterfront property’s owners who want to embark directly from their house. The Knight is also set up as a chase boat for a small superyacht or as a tender on a larger megayacht.


Space on board and comfort at sea
The first folding tenders with rigid keel made of rubber and fiberglass designed to occupy reduced space on board and to offer more space once unloaded to the water. They fold up easily in less than 2 minutes thanks to the patented closing system and are totally customizable in colors, finishing, accessories and lengths. They are engineered for every demand a superyacht might have, from the biggest model EXT 645 (4,05 once closed), EXT 610 (3.90 m once folded), EXT 560 and EXT 520 (3.30 folded) and the family EXT 430/460/490 (2,70 m – 3,00 m – 3,30 m folded) available also in version S with a min. height of 0,85 m at aft and 0,95 m at bow thanks to an innovative engine rotation system. In the Extender ‘family’ there is also a hydro-jet engine model, the EXT 640 Idro (4.30 m folded).

Top Line

Reaching 30 years of presence in the field of inflatable boats, TOPLINE occupies a place in the pantheon of leading manufacturers. With hard work, love for its product and responsibility to its customers, TOPLINE continues to design state-of-the-art products and improve the classic ones, so that it still earns the trust of its customers. So, TOPLINE created the new X series, starting by Corsair 33, which was followed by Pegusus 23 and Pegasus 27. The brand new design, PX27 has significant differences compared to its predecessor, mainly in the ergonomics field. The most notable difference is that the width of the front storage bin has been increased by 28cm. Also, this brand new RIB design has higher freeboard and deeper deck. The U-shape sofa which has placed is a significant improvement, too. New ultra-modern design lines compose the completion of the success of this brand new model. Its performance is also remarkable. Its 300hp engine reaches 60 knots. Also, its fuel consumption is 1lt/nm at 30

knots. Last but not least, the cruising quality. The performance of PX 27 is at high levels, especially in demanding seas, like all the other models of TOPLINE, highlighting the company the Also the cruising quality is still at very high levels and especially in difficult and demanding seas like the other models of the company, highlighting TOPLINE the leading company in the field of inflatable boats.

RS Sailing

Pure electric motorboats from RS – With 25 years of design and build experience in zero emissions boating, the Pulse58 blends proven automotive electronic technology and an extremely efficient electric drive optimised hull form, with the highest level of sustainable construction of any boat in its sector. A 57Kwh battery bank stored in a purpose designed underfloor structural case delivers up to 104v to the ground-breaking RAD drive propulsion unit. Pulse58’s hull has been purposely designed for its electric drive. The tunnel hull form

and long waterline length give decreased low speed drag that suits the instant torque of electric power, while providing a stable and maneuverable platform at speed. Pulse58’s sustainable construction comprises of Bio-based infused epoxy resin, recycled PET core material and naturally sourced basalt and flax fibres. This innovative laminate is lightweight and long lasting in even the most extreme environments. The boat’s range is at least 35 nautical miles at its maximum speed of more than 20knots. Full electric drive requires a change of mindset these changes are key to protecting the future of our planet and continued enjoyment of boating in a sustainable way.