Falcon Tenders distinguishes itself through innovative and customisable designs. By offering bespoke solutions, they cater to the unique preferences and requirements of yacht owners, ensuring that each tender is a tailored masterpiece.

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  • Limousine tender: Complete customisation

The use of premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship is crucial. Falcon Tenders sources high-quality materials for construction, including advanced composites and metals, to ensure durability, lightweight construction, and a luxurious finish. The interior and exterior finishing of each tender involves artisanal craftsmanship to meet the high standards expected in the luxury marine industry.

Falcon Tenders’ place a strong emphasis on the performance of their tenders. This involves integrating advanced propulsion systems, navigation technology, and other cutting-edge features to deliver vessels that excel in terms of speed, efficiency, and overall functionality.

The company is customer-focused, collaborating closely with yacht owners to understand their specific needs. By incorporating client feedback and preferences, Falcon Tenders ensures that each tender is a reflection of the owner’s vision and desires. Stringent quality control measures and testing protocols are in place to ensure that each tender meets or exceeds industry standards. This involves rigorous testing for structural integrity, performance, and safety.

Falcon Tenders, often consider environmental sustainability. This involves the use of eco-friendly materials, energy efficient technologies, and a commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. Recognition from prestigious awards and industry accolades, is an indicator of Falcon Tenders’ commitment to excellence and innovation in the field. Providing comprehensive after-sales support, maintenance services, and warranty coverage demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and ensures that yacht owners have a positive experience beyond the initial purchase.

Matching open and closed tender designs work well together for several practical and aesthetic reasons in the context of luxury yachts.

Unified Design Language: When open and closed tenders share design elements, it creates a cohesive visual language. This uniformity contributes to an aesthetically pleasing overall look when both tenders are in use, enhancing the overall appearance of the yacht.

Adaptability to Conditions: Open tenders are well-suited for fair weather, offering an open and spacious experience, while closed tenders provide shelter during inclement weather. Having both options ensures adaptability to varying conditions, catering to the needs and preferences of passengers at any given time.

Recreational and Utility Functions:
Open tenders are often preferred for recreational activities, water sports, and transporting guests in favourable weather. Closed tenders, with their sheltered cabins, are ideal for transporting guests in more challenging weather conditions or for private and comfortable excursions.
Diverse Passenger Preferences: Yacht owners and their guests may have diverse preferences when it comes to being on the water. Some may prefer the open-air experience, while others might value the comfort and protection offered by a closed tender. Having both options accommodates these varied preferences.

Private Transport: Closed tenders provide a more private and enclosed space for transportation, enhancing the luxury experience for passengers. This is especially important when ferrying VIP guests or owners who prioritize privacy.

Year-Round Use: Open tenders are perfect for warm, sunny days, providing an enjoyable and open-air experience. Closed tenders extend the usability of the yacht’s tender fleet into colder seasons or regions, allowing for year-round exploration and travel.

Matching Operational Characteristics: Open and closed tenders designed by the same manufacturer share similar operational characteristics, making it easier for yacht crew to manage and maintain the vessels. This operational consistency contributes to the overall efficiency of the yacht’s tender operations.

Complete Yacht Experience: Offering a variety of tender options enhances the overall lifestyle experience on the yacht. Guests can choose the tender that suits their mood, the weather, or the specific activity they have in mind, creating a more tailored and enjoyable experience.

In summary, the success of matching open and closed tender designs lies in their ability to provide a seamless and adaptable experience for yacht owners and their guests. The combination of aesthetic continuity, functional complementarity, and versatility makes this approach popular in the luxury yacht industry.

Key Features of Matching Open Tender:
The open tender features a sleek and modern design, optimizing aesthetics and functionality for various purposes. This tender prioritises deck space, providing flexibility for different uses such as transporting passengers, water sports, or general exploration. These tenders are designed to handle a range of activities, from transporting guests between the shore and the yacht to serving as a recreational platform for water activities. Accessibility is a key consideration, ensuring passengers can embark and disembark comfortably, this tender is fitted with large port and starboard boarding steps and sturdy hand holds with a generous activity platform featuring a hot and cold thermostatic shower and ski tows. The tender also benefits from a lowering, highly stylish T-Top Bimini roof fitted with unique mirrored, chemically toughened and laminated glass, offering shade to crew and guests.

Key Features of Matching Closed Tender:
Enclosed Cabin: The closed tender has a limousine style cabin, providing shelter and protection from the elements, making it suitable for use in all weather conditions. The cabin features luxurious interiors, offering comfortable seating, premium materials, and a high-end entertainment system. To enhance the onboard experience, full climate control features to maintain a comfortable temperature within the cabin. The enclosed design is fitted with unique mirrored, chemically toughened and laminated glass, provides privacy for passengers and enhances security during transit. Closed tenders can be versatile, serving as elegant transportation for yacht owners and guests while offering a comfortable and protected space.