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The research, development and technology behind shock mitigation for seating has seen tremendous growth in recent years. ONBOARD looks at the market leaders delivering a safer and smoother ride

The Shockwave S5 is a premium marine suspension module designed to protect boaters and crew from the shock of wave impact. Designed and manufactured in Canada, the S5 can be installed in virtually any vessel or tender and paired with any seat. The manufacturer of the S5, Shockwave Seats, is the marine suspension supplier of choice to the U.S. Navy Seals and other military and safety organizations around the world.
For more details Tel: +1 778 426 8545
or visit www.shockwaveseats.com/s5

Thanks to its shock absorption technology, the Grammer Avento seating range supports the body even in extreme situations. Grammer’s suspension engineering provides outstanding vibration reduction whilst remaining compact for fitment in limited spaces. The backrest provides excellent side support, even for cornering at high speeds, and comprises of anatomically designed foam elements to provide comfort and support.
For more details Tel: +44 (0)116 216 9910
or visit www.capitalseating.co.uk

X-Craft is a shock mitigation specialist based in the Netherlands. They manufacture a wide range of suspension seats and systems, and also offers semi-custom options. X-Craft has many military and other professional clients as well as a growing presence in the offshore power boat racing sector.
For more details Tel: +31 (0) 229 218 423 or visit www.xcraftseats.com

Shark of New Zealand have come up with a simple, and consequently cost-effective, solution. Their modular lightweight composite-built seats use an old but effective concept – leaf springs. Shark seats are built using what is called ‘Flexanite composite’ – in simple terms a super tough, flexible, injection-moulded plastic. An impressive range at an affordable price.
For more details Tel: +42 2938 98769 0 or visit www.sharkseating.com

SHOXS provides highly engineered shock-mitigation seating systems designed for extreme use on the water. The military heritage and high standards result in exceptional products and unwavering customer support. Their goal is to transform the experience of impact so boaters can safely travel farther and faster, no matter the destination or conditions.
For more details Tel: +44 (0)773 0328991 or visit www.shoxs.com

STIDD offers a complete line of ergonomic marine seating – low back, high back, double seats, shock- mitigating seats, box mounts and motorised seats for boats of all sizes. All STIDD seats offer easy¬to-operate multi- functional adjustments available in baked-on powder coat or deluxe finishes with a myriad of upholstery options. STIDD seats are world- renowned for comfort, quality and strength.
For more details Tel: +1 631 477 2400 or visit www.stidd.com