Takuma EFoil

Cyril Coste looks at Takuma’s design influence and their minimalist style that is suited to all riders, together with their innovative breakthroughs in the foiling market place

Pushing the boundaries from the beginning

With over 10 years’ experience as a professional watersports athlete and an extensive background in R&D building boards and boats, it was a natural step for Cyril Coste, Takuma’s co-founder to develop his own brand, to culminate his diverse skills into developing the best hydrofoils. Takuma, endearingly named after Cyril’s son, came into fruition in 2017 and has been completely dedicated to foiling ever since. The brand has quickly become an established leader in both the foil and electric foil market.

The company got into full swing in 2019 when our first e-foil was launched, and sales began to boom. The evolution to make electric hydrofoil boards came about to solve the issue of what to do on no wind / no wave days. The aim was to be able to get out on the water no matter the conditions, so we needed a solution for the ‘down’ days. Efoiling is the perfect solution. It is extremely engaging for even the most experienced watersports athletes and simply breath-taking for complete beginners, from the first try you are completely hooked and will never look back.

Japan influence – Tech innovation, elegance, minimalism
With our design centre based in Miyasaki, Japan we make sure we are always at the forefront of the industry. Japanese design is lauded for the beauty it finds in simplicity. Often described as minimalist, elegant, and subtle, Takuma has been naturally influenced by Japan´s recognisable design aesthetic. However, we are a truly global company; our design identity is influenced by our tight cultural connections in Japan. Our operational headquarters are based in the creative capital of Europe, Barcelona and our workshop centre is handled by a dedicated and skilled team in the south of France.

Passion and innovation at the highest level
Whether an Efoil, foil, board or wing; our products of today or a jet ski, semi-rigid craft or electronic boat of the future, we strive to develop products that will advance and heighten the unique feeling of flying above water. At Takuma, we combine our design expertise with our passion for the sport, our extensive sessions riding in revered foil spots in Maui, Tahiti and New Caledonia have helped secure the highest level of foil performance through our constant testing and refining.

Efoiling and new breakthroughs
Foiling in itself has continued to grow exponentially across all the disciplines, for sure mastering the handling of the foil in one discipline helps boost the crossover of skills into another. Efoiling is the easiest way to get into the sport and experience the adrenaline of flight, plus you are not dependent on the weather.

Five years ago, we set out to create a groundbreaking efoil. The Takuma jet propulsion is the culmination of years of R&D, resulting in the safest propulsion system, to make efoiling even more accessible to everyone.

Efoiling allows you to spend more time on the water, move faster, access new spots and experience a unique sensation that is described as a blend of floating and flying.

Our jet propulsion makes the sport safer, but it’s not just the new propulsion that makes the Takuma efoils stand out from the rest. The innovative design of the board and its streamlined components make it accessible to everybody.

Efoil Cruising Jet

The revolutionary jet design makes efoiling even safer for beginners and as user-friendly as possible.

  • Autonomy 90 minutes
  • Only legal efoil worldwide
  • Low speed flight
  • Suited for all levels
  • Most affordable and most easy to use
  • No sharp blades


We are about to create shockwaves in the industry with a radical innovation that will give you the freedom to go foil anywhere and create your own lines. eTow – A self-controlled electric watercraft.

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