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Keep your teak deck barefoot friendly and beautiful with the following tips for minor accidents and repair during the busy season ahead

While teak is stable, anti-slip, does not warp or rot, nor attracts insects or moisture, it is susceptible to damage from everyday wear and tear. When minor accidents occur, it is essential to immediately take care of the deck to protect the teak and ensure the vessel’s beauty and functionality while extending the deck’s life.

Spilled red wine or oil stains?

Clean up the spill immediately to prevent staining. These spills are the most difficult to manage and must be taken care of immediately because they permeate the porous wood fibres. The most important thing to remember is that stains must be ‘lifted’ and not diluted. Use a proven spot-lifter or stain remover (as a carpet one) to ‘lift’ the spill.

Never use harsh chemicals or solvents such as bleach, acetone, and vinegar. They will dilute the stain allowing further penetration into the teak wood. Keeping kitty litter (or a similar absorbent material) on board can be helpful for absorbing stains. Always remember that the longer spills or soiling are left untreated, the more difficult they are to remove.

Loose caulking?
If caulking is loose, repair it immediately to prevent water seepage under the teak deck. Follow these basic steps:

  • Remove the old caulk with a Caulk Removal Tool
  • Be sure to thoroughly clean out seams with a Seam Sander
  • Clean the seams with an acetone saturated rag
  • Once the seams are dry, apply tape to each edge of the seam
  • Fill the seams with SIS 440 Caulk and use a putty knife to force caulk into the seam. Remove the tape immediately and allow the caulking to cure. Refer to Teakdecking Systems SIS 440 Application Guide for highly detailed information

Or watch the two-part video programs on Youtube: www.teakdecking.com/category/technical-blog-articles-about-decking/video/

Dropped lightweight utensils or cleaning tools… or someone forgot to take off their stilettos?
For minor dings or dents in the wood, lightly sand the wood. The freshly sanded wood may discolour, but it will blend in with time.

Major damage from water toys or hardware?
If a skilled carpenter is not onboard, hire a carpenter to replace batten(s) and caulking once onshore. Repair is necessary to prevent water from seeping under the deck and causing more extensive damage.

Cracked or split teak?
Cracked or split teak is a potentially serious problem because it often means there is water under the decking. Investigate it immediately with a decking professional onshore and make necessary repairs.

Daily reminder: Keep teak clean
Clean soiled areas immediately with ECO- 100 (powder) or ECO-300 (liquid) cleaners. Always, always, always scrub across the grain with a medium grit scrub pad. Never use a power washer because it will destroy softwood fibres, creating ridges in the teak. A firmly adhered to cleaning protocol will prevent long-term damage, and it will lengthen the life of beautiful teak decking, adding value to the vessel.

Regular maintenance
Significantly extend teak deck life with regular maintenance and cleaning. Perform an annual light sand-out to remove light stains and to keep the surface smooth, preventing debris from getting trapped in the wood grain.

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