Telemar Integrated Bridge Consoles

David Gratton discusses what constitutes a Glass Bridge System and looks at the Telemar solution that is fully type approved by class with an Italian contemporary design

The terms ‘integrated bridge’ or ‘glass bridge’ are widely used but rarely well-defined in the yachting community. The superyacht owner cannot always be sure of receiving the best value during new builds or refits of the bridge when they rely on such loosely applied descriptions. The owner may envision a sleek, minimalistic single piece of glass providing every control at their fingertips but may receive only a series of touch screen displays with all the typical controls and interfaces still cluttering up their vision. The Integrated Bridge Console from Telemar is a unique offering in a market overrun with underwhelming solutions for consolidating bridge displays, indicators, and controls. Our Integrated Bridge Console was created in partnership with Pariani Srl, a world- class aerospace design and manufacturing firm. Due to this unique collaboration, our product has distinguished itself from the competition in every possible way.

In products of distinction around the globe, Italian design is widely recognised as the ultimate expression of form and function. Telemar Integrated Bridge Consoles continue that tradition with an unparalleled variety of styles to choose from. Whether the aviation design of Dinamica, the automotive inspired aggressive colours and metal inserts of Veloce, or the refined and balanced line of Elegante, whatever suits the tastes of the superyacht owner and the design team is available. Consoles are conceptualised and fabricated of either glass, foil or a combination as the project requires. Many captains prefer the tactile feel of foil, but haptic feedback is part of our glass bridge integrations as well to give the feel of a real button.

We also supply the stunning Walk Around Console (WAC) as seen at boat shows and in designers’ portfolios worldwide. We have recently introduced the Stratos line of designs which include an overhead glass band, eliminating unsightly displays and controls.

To properly meet classification society guidelines for compliance, an integrated bridge system solution should provide complete control of mission critical systems in parallel with the original interface as well as offer full systems redundancy. This is where the Telemar console emerges as the clear leader. Our solution, based on the most reliable technology available, is the natural evolution of decades of extensive avionics and commercial shipping experience, combined to meet our clients’ demanding requirements for visual appeal.

This approach provides a highly flexible framework that can be customised according to the needs of an owner, designer, or builder. Safety is our number one concern, so we ensured our console provides full hot swappable field service capabilities. The programming resides in the system, so upon component replacement, the programming is automatic, and no technician visit is required. To enhance the value of your investment, we stock repair parts for the required 10 years to comply with class requirements. As a result of our dedication to safety, redundancy, and serviceability, our projects are individually approved by ABS, DNV, Lloyds, and RINA as required.

The Telemar system also comes with an unparalleled self-diagnostic system supplying real-time continuous diagnostics. Finally, the system is brand agnostic, so you are not bound to a particular manufacturer of bridge equipment to interface too. Added to the design options and inherent safety protocols, we offer almost limitless designs and capabilities allowing your vision to become reality.

For more details contact Yachting Division Manager, Paolo Tagliapietra at +39 0584 426140