Temporary protection for superyachts

Exterior and interior protection specialist Ricard Garcia looks at the tailored solutions for superyachts on offer, together with the use of reusable materials

Temporary protections are key when it comes to reparation, refit or transportation of any yacht. It is essential to protect and preserve
both interior and exterior surfaces when maintenance works are taking place onboard. Depending on the kind and size of the refit job, we could be talking about hundreds of contractors and artisans working on deck and inside the yacht, fixing, repairing and providing their services. If all surfaces aren’t properly protected both inside and out, the extra costs for repairing accidental damage could be enormous, not to mention time delays in getting the vessel ready for the season.

The proper protective materials, applied with the right procedures and adapted to the specific needs of the yacht will not only help avoid damages and subsequent claims and complaints, but also will improve the working space of the operators, thus ensuring the success and speed of the refit project.

Nautiel Service has a specialised team of professionals that will assess, recommend and set up all the best protections tailored for the specific project. From breathable teak covers, to laying down protective floors that withstand heavy impacts, they will make sure your yacht is protected from any accidental dent, scratch or even breakage.

Apart from protecting the vessel during a refit period, we also provide protection for the yacht during shows and even events. If the yacht is chartered during an event for a party, then certain floor areas can be covered to protect the ‘real carpets’ or floor materials from heavy foot traffic or even wine spills.

Other services offered include; textile cleaning and protection from stains or possible water damage, carpet cleaning, certified fire protection in compliance with the IMO and MCA regulations.

Sustainability has been part of Nautiel’s DNA since its founding back in 1991, that’s why they are in constant search for innovative protective materials that can be recycled and reused. Due to the high quality and endurance of certain materials, Nautiel Service also rents them for specific operations, cleans the area and collects the materials to save and re-use them for the next project.

Covering of engine rooms, protection of all furniture, delicate objects and decorative elements, guest area, shrink wrapping of tenders… The refit can only really start when the yacht is fully protected

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