The art of stabilization

With industry leading innovation, Quantum has revolutionised the marine yachting industry, adding unprecedented comfort at anchor and underway

Since 1985, Quantum has engineered and manufactured active stabilizer systems for the yachting, military and commercial industries. These systems, targeting the 60m – 200m market, offer roll reduction and stability through the innovation of Quantum Zero Speed™ technology and three global patents: XT™ Fins, MAGLift™ Rotors and Dyna-Foil™.

The innovative culture continues to drive the mission and purpose, always striving to find new technologies and/or improvements that will better the experience for the end-user.

Over the past year, Quantum has been actively engaged in the development of the following exciting innovations:

It reduces the cyclic loading and the amount of accumulator storage required in a given hydraulic power system and balances the load between multiple pumps within the same hydraulic system. This is an additional control system that is built on top of an existing control. It effectively stabilizes and limits the horsepower fluctuations on the electric motor. DLC has been successfully added to three vessels to date with a patent to be finalised soon.

New 5000S Control System
The controls represent the brains of the system. The new 5000S is built on a modular platform, capable of supporting the old, current, and future control generations with much greater capacity. When bandwidth is limited, it is the only control system with recording capabilities that can be stored and downloaded at a later date. The 5000S is designed for remote access, whereby Quantum engineers can assist with technical support or troubleshooting from anywhere in the world.

Hydraulic/Electric Power Unit – With a prototype under development and a patent pending, Quantum is introducing a new state-of- the-art, hydraulic/electric power system. The F45 Hybrid, uses the best attributes of both a traditional hydraulic system and a direct electric drive.

There are several advantages to the F45: it is extremely efficient, has low airborne and structure borne noise levels, minimal heat generation and low maintenance requirements. It offers smooth power that does not fluctuate and requires 50% less power than a traditional hydraulic system.

The F45 Hybrid boasts up to 60% greater efficiencies, only consuming energy as required, when required. This innovation meets both the long-term energy efficiency requirements and the peak transient energy needs of the closed marine electrical system. Coming to market in June 2023.

Minimising the roll of a vessel is an essential part of enjoying the luxurious lifestyle intended when yachting. The best yacht stabilizer technology will almost might make you forget that you’re floating on water. Ultimately, it is all about the ride and keeping it smooth. Experience the peace and comfort of a Quantum System.

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