The Barco Residential Freya+ Projector


“We pride ourselves on being Barco Residential’s Marine Distributor and after a successful Superyacht Technology Show in Barcelona we think it’s time to provide an insight on what we call “Living the Experience”

Private Theatres
More than ever, private theatres and high-end media rooms are becoming must-haves in upscale environments. Sharing time with the people you love is the most valuable thing you can ever have. A private theatre or media room is a place that draws families and friends together to share and experience beloved forms of entertainment, including your favourite films and TV series, as well as sports and gaming.

Combining Barco’s unrivalled pedigree in both professional cinema exhibition and private theatre with the design and technical expertise of Qualtron, we can create the most immersive spaces that make no compromise in delivering you and your loved ones the best possible experience and that prized “suspension of disbelief”. See your favourite movies like you’ve never seen them before…

The Barco Residential Freya+ – A Luxury Projector and the Best Projector we have ever seen!
Investing in a world-class, immersive projector is important. Laser projection is future-ready and has many different benefits such as sharp imagery, optimised picture quality, no lamp replacements and energy efficiency.

Freya is the wife of Odin, the most powerful god in Northern mythology and the mother of Balder. That alone should be enough to understand the power of this projector.

The core of the projector uses their renowned Pulse platform, which is then combined with ‘Alchemy’, creating a very smart, easy to use projector.

The Barco Residential Freya+ Freya+ is exclusively created for high-end private theatres, with more contrast and a wider colour gamut. It features the latest in native 4K DLP® chipsets from Texas Instruments and the acclaimed Barco Alchemy ICMP (Integrated Cinema Media Processor).

The Barco Residential Freya+ delivers unsurpassed DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) images and is the perfect solution for an exceptional private cinema.

If you have a challenging project we’d love to hear from you. Contact Qualtron for more information on how Barco Residential can transform your private cinema experience onboard.


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