The Digital Age


A pioneering digital platform, focused on revolutionising the story of the conventional job interview! We optimise the latest information technology and adapt it to suit the specific needs of your business. And we do it very simply, via a video interview!Edwin Booz once said, “Often the best solution to a management problem is the right person”. Monjin understands this fundamental reality! We are proud of our panel of experts and their acumen, in varied aspects of the yachting and maritime industry.

They spend their time and skills to interview or review a host of potential candidates and curate a database worthy of your discerning eye. All you have to do is sign up!!

Your membership will enable access to numerous recordings, at your own pace and leisure. This method transcends geography, time zones and the need for physical travel. It is undoubtedly an enormous time and cost saver…accessible anytime, anywhere!

We believe that a successful entrepreneur is always rooted in a foundation of strong employees, capable of supporting limitless growth and innovation in a company. We also know that untapped potential in candidates is an unaffordable loss of human resource. Monjin bridges this gap reliably as we follow:


  • The Right Panel of Experts to assess and approve prospective crew members
  • The Right Candidates best fitted to deliver a product or service successfully
  • The Right Technology that ensures a smooth and stress free interviewing and recruitment process

Among the fastest-growing and an active global community of interviewing experts, Monjin is a trusted partner to several organisations globally.

The diversity of expertise and knowledge coupled with individual personality traits are transparently captured on an Audio visual interface. Monjin provides playbacks of interviews with a time stamped index, and a search filter that allows you to sort by skill, location, experience, rating, and more! There is an easily accessible reference point at will, enabling better and informed choices for all users.


  • Assess basic critical skills
  • Set targeted questions and a time limit
  • Invite crew members to interview at their leisure of time and location
  • Candidates record their responses on video
  • Responses are automatically shared with the concerned stake holder
  • Quick and easy short listing from a large volume of applicants
  • Configurable randomised question sets available
  • Configurable mail content available
  • Collect mandatory documents online

Design and automate your organisation’s interviewing workflow on Monjin’s system. Monjin does the mundane yet critical task of matching and scheduling. Unbound of time and location, interviews are preceded, rated, recorded and shared with other stake holders. Monjin provides:

  • A lean and faster process
  • Smooth candidate experience and timely feedback
  • Strong impact with targeted posts and video messages
  • A standard and uniform assessment against a specific job description

Other Monjin features include Assessed One Way and Two Interviews,Rejection Analysis and Reporting and Analytics.

Monjin will assist with re-engineering and digitising your hiring process with a focus on widening your recruitment funnel and improving the quality of your team in a speedy and effective way,

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