The Excellence range of signage by Everlux


The Excellence range of signage by Everlux offers a range of base materials to seamlessly complement the yacht’s interior elements and decor

The Everlux Maritime catalogue contains a complete selection of photoluminescent safety signs complying with all applicable standards and resolutions, such as IMO Resolution A.1116(30). Among the different safety signs categories, the Everlux Maritime catalogue includes multipurpose combination signs that integrate hazard, mandatory and prohibited action instructions.

Safety should always come first and at the sea it requires additional attention as the dangers come from different sources. The increasing number of fires in superyachts has been a reality impossible to ignore in the past years, whether they are aged or brand-new ships.

The problem nowadays seems to be the batteries installed in the superyachts, surely an improvement from fossil fuels, but still a huge problem that appears to be the main cause of fires in superyachts.

Although the technology develops at a high speed, in these cases, the outcome is the same: accidents in superyachts caused by fire.

Everlux’s focus is to ensure the safety first principle is implemented. Therefore its signage has been improving over the years to keep up to date with the market and, most importantly, with technology.

Hence, the Everlux Maritime catalogue has hundreds of photoluminescent safety signage solutions, particularly, multipurpose combination signs that convey, even in blackout situations or with smoke conditions, hazard, mandatory and prohibited action instructions.

This signage category is of paramount importance as well as a reliable source of information, not only for the crew but for the passengers too, so they can be aware of the dangers which may occur in specific parts of the ship.

For instance, lithium-ion batteries are becoming more common in electric yachts, being one of the latest evolution of battery power. Unfortunately, they are not fireproof and need to be treated and used carefully. Thus, Everlux provides the most effective signage for each need (as it is represented in the image alongside the text), meaning that it can also be customised as requested by the customer.

Safety first, above all, means minimising risks and preventing accidents, using high luminance and high-quality signage.

Excellence by Everlux for Super Yachts

Furthermore, the Everlux catalogue offers solutions for the specific needs of the super yachts sector, such as luxurious safety signage – Excellence by Everlux, a patented product. This range combines information with the aesthetics of every sign, not compromising the safety and creating a harmonious co-existence between safety and design.

This safety signage range uses noble base materials, such as acrylic glass as well as metallic substrates providing the customer with the possibility of having bespoke signs, with graphical and text content as wished.

Being a recognised leading supplier of complete photoluminescent safety signage solutions for the marine and offshore industry, Everlux products whose characteristics are closely related to the photoluminescent product used, with luminance properties of 140/20 – 1800, are far more intense than the usual ones.

Everlux safety signage is compliant with IMO Resolutions, SOLAS Convention and ISO standards and have the Lloyd´s Register Type Approval certificate, also being certified by DNV according to the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and the UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA).

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