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The new SOLAS regulations (10.10.4) require all ships built after 1st July 2014 to carry a minimum of two explosion proof or intrinsically safe radios for each fire party on board the vessel, for fire fighter communications. Vessels built prior to 1st July 2014 must meet the regulation by their 1st radio survey after 1st July 2018.Each Fire Party must have at least two of these dedicated radios and as fire¬fighters may need to use Direct Mode Operation (DMO1) during fire-fighting operations or if the Fire Party consist of more crew members than the actual fire fighters, i.e. incident commander, the actual number of fire-fighter radios may vary from vessel to vessel as more than two radios may be required for each Fire Party. The purpose of these fire-fighter radios is to provide a dedicated means of communication between a team of fire fighters entering the space, and the crew member located outside the space who is assigned to control this team.

Live or suspect fire incidents impose great pressure on the crew members at short notice. In this position it is important that the three paths of communication are clear. Firstly, between fire crew members, secondly from Fire Crew to the on scene commanders and third, from On Scene Commander to the bridge.

In order to improve our understanding of a live fire situation, Channel 28 have worked on board with crews to understand the issues in drills and simulated incidents. The major factors in these incidents were speed of deployment and clarity of speech when work with a BA mask and helmet. Traditionally helmet mounted bone conduction or throat mics were specified for fire teams. However it became clear from testing that to get the best results these have to be positioned very accurately when dressing. They are prone to slip when moving in a heavy suit, causing immediate degradation to the quality of communications, so a better solution was required offering a clear speech which can be quickly and accurately deployed.

Working with crews and partners including Savox, Draeger and Scott Sabrecom, the clear solution was to implement the microphone and speaker within the BA mask. This solution which provides the best communications solution which can be deployed accurately and simply time after time when the fire suit and helmet is donned.

Channel 28 are now a preferred partner for both the Scott Sabre Com Vision 3 Comm Adaptor and the Draeger FPS¬COMM in mask speaker and microphone connected to the radio through a large button PTT. Draeger also now offer the wireless in mask communication allowing wireless handsfree communication within the fire team but with the ability to then call out and talk to the On Scene Commander. To meet the new regulations these connect to class leading Intrinsically Safe Radios from our product partners at Hytera.

Channel 28 offer the experience to incorporate the design of clear fire team comms within the overall system design, integrating radios with other yacht systems such as security, service calls and engine alarms. CHANNELING SOLUTIONS
Channel 28 Ltd is an engineering and software development company focused on delivering programmed products and system solutions across the audio visual, broadcast, medical and marine industries. Founded in 2012 by two engineers with experience of delivering bespoke systems to tight deadlines and at realistic pricing, the company was conceived to develop and locate well engineered products and then integrate them into systems for specialist customers around the world.

Channel 28 boasts a variety of products specifically developed for the marine industry, and in particular the superyacht industry, including its flagship products C-Comm and the Morse Service Call Buttons. Now installed and in operation on an ever growing number of yachts worldwide, C-Comm’s proven technology, security features and custom solutions have made it a true success. With all available solutions tailored to yacht, crew and owner specific needs, their range of services and products available for the superyacht industry continues to expand and grow in line with industry and on board technology requirements.

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