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With its golden beaches, crystal clear waters and breath-taking coastline, North Cyprus’s potential as a yachting paradise is undeniable. A secret corner of the Eastern Mediterranean, in touching distance of Turkey and Greece, yet an eternity away from crowds, bureaucracy and hassle, this dream destination remained largely inaccessible as a cruising ground until only a few years ago. Then, in 2005, a ground-breaking initiative to

develop the region’s first modern yacht marina on the untouched Karpaz peninsula changed everything, opening up new opportunities for the global sailing community and North Cyprus. Today, Karpaz Gate Marina is attracting increasing numbers of yachts to its unique haven, as the word spreads about its immaculate berthing, technical and leisure facilities, and upcoming hotel and spa. Whether in search of adventure, a safe port or a peaceful home berth, visiting this almost forgotten part of the island to experience its anchorages and harbours, ancient culture and interesting nature is now a reality.

Yet, the remarkable success story of Karpaz Gate Marina is clearly only just beginning as the long-term impact of this transformative project begins to take shape. As with all truly pioneering ventures, the marina development of 2019that is currently receiving such high praise from berth-holders is the result of hard work and meticulous planning. First, the project management team successfully campaigned to lift army zone limitations covering Cyprus’ northern shores to enable non-military international vessels to cruise in the region for the first time since 1974. Even after this achievement, the challenge when the marina opened in 2011 was to communicate the potential of an unknown, unrecognised, internationally embargoed country to the yachting industry.

This goal is now being accomplished through happy, satisfied customers and consistent industry accolades. The marina’s high standards were rewarded with 5 Gold Anchor status in 2013 and Karpaz Gate Marina was recognised in The Yacht Harbour Association’s prestigious Marina of the Year awards in both 2017 and 2018/19. Boat owners who are discovering the marina clearly feel as if they have found a hidden gem, with its minimal paperwork and custom formalities outside the EU. Another huge incentive is the on-site boat yard, with its 300-ton capacity travel lift and 18,000 square metre dry dock area. The range of services now offered include maintenance work, yacht painting, hull repairs and anti-fouling, plus mechanical and electrical work. Karpaz Gate Marina offers both Eurodiesel and Gasoline at a significantly lower cost compared to other countries in the region.

Karpaz Gate Marina is now entering the next phase of development with the opening of a new hotel, hammam and spa in spring 2020. The accommodation will elevate the marina even further as an attractive and practical destination for boat owners, crew, tourists and the island’s residents.

Eight years into the journey, the marina is proving to be a positive force for not only the yachting industry, but also for the local community in North Cyprus. Karpaz Gate Marina may not be a secret anymore, but it is still well worth discovering.

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