TowPro – real time Monitoring


TowPro – the complete real time monitoring solution for when your tender is moored, in use or under tow

Insurers require captains to make regular observations of the towed tender from the yacht, but the challenge is that remote observations will only provide incomplete safety information about the tender, for example: whether the tender is there, and the stability of its surfing and yawing motion.

Global insurance companies are insisting on additional monitoring with an Advanced Tow Protection System if a superyacht wishes to have cover whilst towing a tender at night or beyond a certain distance offshore.

A TowPro system will alert the bridge to common problems before they result in loss or damage. However, should a tow rope break and the tender is beyond a certain distance from the yacht, three things happen:

  1. An alarm is sounded in the bridge of the Mothership
  2. The TowPro Tender Unit turns into a Class B AIS, broadcasting a NUC message, which can be seen on the Mothership’s ECDIS
  3. The TowPro Tender Unit sends an alert and position to the cloud via an in-built Iridium Modem – this is used to locate the adrift tender if out of AIS range

With three distinct communication methods the system offers multiple way of alerting the bridge in case of a tow break or even theft.

TowPro - real time MonitoringAs Imme Schmidts, Managing Director of the Pantaenius Palma office, explains, “This latest advance in tow protection has enabled us to offer alternative wording in the towing of tender clause, allowing towing for longer distances and at night.”

This level of insight and monitoring during a tow is extremely reassuring for captains and crew. “Running with a tow is very stressful from a captain and crew’s point of view,” comments Captain Roger Weston of M/Y Alicia. “The chase boat is our main form of transport for the guests and a key part of our operation – if we were to lose it on passage it could potentially shut down a charter. To have ‘eyes on board’ an unmanned craft that is being towed behind us is a huge benefit to bridge procedures and the watch keepers. Having the ability to know in advance of some form of issue enables us to come away from the passage plan, seek shelter and assess the situation.”

The TowPro Bridge Display can easily be integrated within an existing superyacht bridge requiring only 12/24V power and an existing VHF feed. There is no need for expensive/disruptive installation of aesthetically displeasing additional antennas on the mothership.

TowPro - real time MonitoringTSM Systems’ newest product is undergoing final trials. TowPro- Fleet Manager is a further evolution of TowPro. It monitors multiple craft including up to three tenders and other items such as jet skis and life jackets. The tenders will have full 2-way communication via VHF and Iridium, thus each tender can stay in contact with the mothership irrespective of range and tradition 4/5G coverage. This system will be on sale in Q3 of 2023.

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