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Making Waves: an immersive, interactive event on the future of superyachting for the 21st century and beyond

October 13 at 3pm CEST, Crestron hosts Crestron TV: Shaping the Future of Superyachting, an immersive, interactive online live event. As the current state of the world doesn’t allow large groups to gather, Crestron TV offers the next best thing: a virtual event as close to a live experience as you can currently come. Short,interactive session on relevant topics, attractive to a broad audience.

Crestron TV: Shaping the Future of Superyachting will explore the newest and future technical innovations in the superyacht industry, including currents topics such as addressing the sustainability of the sector while yachts are getting bigger and bigger, exceeding the expectations of clients and the newest trends in superyachting builds and refits.

Jack Robinson (Director, Superyacht Technology), will host an industry first panel discussion on Hydrogen technology. “Even today we still see that our superyachts are fitted with a +100.000 litres diesel tank to keep their engines running and supply the vessel with the needed hotel/auxiliary power,” explains Robinson, the reason behind the subject.“Yet we do all want to grow into a more sustainable future, being less depend on fossil energy sources and less polluting. Just over a year ago, we saw one of the first studies for a hydrogen powered superyacht making its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show. Project Aqua gained a lot of attention and seemed to sort of confirm hydrogen technology is the energy source for the superyacht of the future. But is this really the case? Where do we stand today and what challenges do we still need to solve to go to the next level?”

Martin Redmayne (Chairman, The Superyacht Group), will present the results of a new thorough market research, which delves deeper into the way current technology aboard of superyachts is perceived and used by owners/guests and what the key strengths and weaknesses of integrated-technology currently aboard are.

An exclusive sneak preview into the new solution Merijn de Waard (Founder & Managing Director, SuperYacht Times) is working on, will be followed by insight into AV and Control onboard today and in the future by Stijn Ooms (R&D Director, Crestron). All this will be topped off with real, recent cases during a 2 hour live, interactive broadcast from our studio in Belgium. Register now via go.crestroninfo. com/tv to reserve your seat.

It is not a coincidence that Crestron is the company to tackle these current topics with this ground-breaking format. Crestron has been a leader in control and automation solutions on board since the first superyachts appeared on the water. And as we all know Audio and Video systems onboard are also there for high quality entertainment. Exactly what we are looking to bring to the superyacht market by initiating this event, and at the same time opening it up to industry leaders and experts to participate.

Leading the way
Crestron has been leading the way since its establishment nearly 50 years ago. If you are interested in superyachts, the name Crestron obviously rings a bell. But did you know that Crestron Electronics is also the go to company for office automation and communications technology solutions? It is estimated that 90% of all the Fortune 500 have some type of Crestron-based solution in their facilities. The company is known in a lot of different markets for combining best-in-class technology, close working relationships and an elegant, connected lifestyle. These assets transfer seamlessly to the Marine business of course, where Crestron creates contemporary solutions for the modern luxury superyacht. From flawless control and distribution of audio and video, to seamless integration of lighting, shades, climate, and navigation systems, Crestron provides an elegant, connected lifestyle of comfort and convenience at anchor, in the marina, or at sea. The technology allows its users to live well, without compromise and with complete peace of mind.

Flexibility and reliability
The amount of technology on board of a yacht is astounding. Systems onboard are always designed to go beyond the expectations of each individual client. And yet at the same time, every system in a yacht is designed around an ultimate flexibility and reliability, ensuring media and content are available on all oceans around the globe, and of course that everything works flawlessly all the time. In essence, superyachts are the pinnacle of technology.

With Crestron, you are in complete control of how systems onboard perform – and look. Crestron controls are as flexible as the automation systems they command. Simply put, Crestron systems can be as unique as the yachts are. Better still, Crestron uniquely offers the ability to seamlessly integrate ship-related services and systems such as crew calling. With Crestron, you have a partner that designs, manufactures, and supports the full spectrum of marine systems in one all-encompassing system.

This includes:
• Lighting Combine dimming and color-tuning to provide the perfect ambiance in every room and space.
• Shades Transform any space into a more spectacular one with silent, motorised shades. Available in stunning designer fabrics, from blackout to transparent, and with a choice of elegant complementary hardware.
• Climate Maximise comfort in every room and space across the vessel with absolute ease of control.
• Audio Distribute different music to different areas of the vessel at audiophile sound quality.
• Video Optimise the viewing experience with one tap, whether watching cable TV, streaming a movie, or playing a game. And always in the latest, best image quality available.
• Touch Screens and Keypads Control everything onboard in style and with just a tap. Choose from a wide variety of control devices featuring the most stunning designs in the industry.
• Remotes Communicate, control, entertain, and play at the touch of a button. Waterproof models even dive in with you.
• Security Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enterprise-grade security
• Navigation and Destination Track the route, monitor weather, and prepare for your destination, from anywhere onboard

Making waves
With the recent launch of a Crestron Marine Program, Crestron is destined to make waves in the marine automation market and set a new course in the very specialised marketplace. The program, a major accomplishment of Crestron’s Marine division, provides huge advantages to shipbuilders, specifiers, and Electrical Technical Officers (ETOs). They get access to a list of dealers with special status, who are guaranteed to provide optimal service.

Crestron started its Marine division just over a year ago as a spin off from the residential division. “Marine, especially the superyachts where we have a lot of experience, are a discerning sector with specific needs,” explains Daniel Kerkhof, Director Crestron Marine.

“On one hand, superyacht owners want to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technology. On the other hand, the standards and requirements change fast, and often call for new investments. The Marine division allows us to answer to these specific needs.”

In his role, Kerkhof spearheads business development and the Crestron Marine Program, which offers its Authorized Marine Dealers, superyacht specifiers and ETOs an unprecedented new level of support. “This unique market segment deserves a unique approach. R&D and support are in the DNA of Crestron, and this new program will guarantee that dealers, owners and crew receive the service they deserve.”
For instance, one of the unique aspects of Crestron as a company is the fact that we have a global scale, and warehouses everywhere. When a spare part is needed for a yacht that currently is on the other end of the world, we make sure we send the parts for them straight to the yacht from the closest warehouse.

Are you already active in the superyachting space and would you like to know more about our programs? Always feel free to reach out to us.

For more details visit www.go.crestroninfo.com/tv www.crestron.com/Marine

Why Crestron is the #1 choice of shipbuilders, specifiers and ETOs
• One complete, intelligent and secure automation system allows you to control everything, from anywhere onboard
• Global company with local support: with 90 fully staffed offices worldwide, Crestron is everywhere you are
• Their robust, flexible solutions are renowned for reliability
• The solution offers one consistent, intuitive user experience
• You use one dashboard to monitor all systems and identify issues – before they become issues
• Crestron is always at the forefront of technology