Viktor Paulsson talks about the benefits of the diagnostics and tuning software from Maptun Performance. Reduce down time due to maintenance and get the best out of your Jetskis, ATVs and Jet Tenders

MaptunerX has with all its functions grown to a world leading unit with access to a massive range of vehicles. By only pressing a few buttons on your MaptunerX, you are able to tune and perform diagnostics on your car, jetski, jetboat, snowmobile, atv and utv.

We see it as our duty to provide you with the best possible experience for your superyacht toys and vehicles.

What is MaptunerX?
MaptunerX is a hand-held unit for tuning, diagnostics and servicing that can be used for an unlimited number of vehicles; for example, there is support for Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Lynx, Can-Am, Arctic Cat and we are expanding the range constantly. Our world-famous tunes are developed by Maptun Powersports VTECHTUNED in-house, tested and accurately optimized for each specific model and setup.

Which are the advantages with MaptunerX compared to other tuning solutions?
Simple, small and very easy to use; download optimization files from our server, which is available around the clock. Traditionally you had to send the ECU for optimization, but here the customer gets support directly. Besides, the MaptunerX undergoes improvements and gets better and better every day. The continuous work includes new functions and support of new types of vehicles. Every time it is connected to a computer the software will be updated to the latest version.

Can I use the same MaptunerX to more than just one vehicle?
MaptunerX has almost unlimited space when it comes to vehicles stored in the unit. One of the biggest benefits with MaptunerX compared to other units is the capability to store and work with thousands of VIN-numbers which makes the MaptunerX to a One of a kind product. For tuning, 1x tuning license is required for each vehicle. Once a tuning license is assigned for a vehicle, you will have 100% access to our tuning library for that vehicle. You can then switch between every tuning software as often as you like, including stock file.

If I want to upgrade my vehicle with more than just software, are you able to provide me with hardware as well?
We have cooperation’s with the world’s leading companies in accessories and high-performance parts that allow us to offer you a total solution for a guaranteed satisfaction and performance.

Tell me more about the Diagnostic and Service section of MaptunerX?
MaptunerX can perform different diagnostics functions on your vehicle. For example, manage your DESS Keys, Reset Service Maintenance, Reset TPS, Read and clear DTC Codes and much more. MaptunerX can also real-time monitor and store values from your engine, staff of MapTun can assist you on distance for customization of tuning software or troubleshooting.

Is there any further development on the marine side of the business for MaptunerX?
We are constantly developing and improving tuning software and functionalities. One of the things that we are working on at the moment is functions and tuning for tender boat such as Williams and Agilis Jet Tender which will become a big part in our marine section.

How do I find the nearest MaptunerX retailer?
We have more than 100 resellers around the globe and you can find them all on our website: www.maptun.com.

For more details Tel: +4619 237 030 or visit www.maptun.com