Underwater lights for superyachts


Still captained by its founder Peter Urquhart, the company has always striven to lead this competitive industry with innovative products, created through meticulous R&D. Urquhart explains the journey so far, “When I designed and built a light for my first customer back in 1991, I had no idea that marine lighting was going to become my life. Throughout the past 29 years we have managed to keep the same ethos we started with, by building exciting R&D lead products and supplying a personal service to our customers – that is why I believe we are trusted by the world’s leading shipyards.”

Underwater lighting has over the past 10 years become a must have item on boats and yachts of all sizes. There are a plethora of companies offering vast product ranges to accommodate all hull types, boat styles and purposes from night time fishing to just looking good at the dock. However, they believe the

market has become saturated with simply too many options and owners and captains are often left baffled by the choices.

Finance Director, Klare Urquhart says, “We’ve always kept our product range limited and it’s a welcome relief for new customers that there is not this steep learning curve to understand our product names and hierarchy and how they compare to what is out there.”

This year though, they launched the QTS100 thru hull model, which arguably is the last underwater light you’ll ever need and has the potential to supersede their entire lineup. The new QTS100 model, represents 30 years of experience and is the most versatile and complete underwater light ever made for the marine industry in the simplest format possible.

One generic housing now accommodates every option by simply swapping out inserts. Each insert gives a variety of options:

• Light power outputs from 10,000 lumens up to a massive 25,000
• Color options – white, blue, dual color and full color change
• Input powers from 12/24vDC to 110/240vAC

This makes the thru hull QTS model suitable for any pleasure boat from 40’ up to the largest 300’+ superyacht.

Made from titanium, instead of the traditional naval bronze or stainless steel, the light can now be used directly on metal hulls (subject to Surveyor Approval) as well as composite/fibreglass hulls saving yards and installers hours/days on installation. This also alleviates a number of potential warranty concerns around dissimilar metals through galvanic corrosion.

Fitted with a highly toughened, flat lens the beam angle is an ultra wide 130 degrees which is perfect for running down the side of a yacht as well as across the stern.

The next few months will also see the launch of the QTS-75 weldin which packs an incredible 25,000 lumens punch, making it the smallest and brightest LED underwater light on the market. This light will feature an adjustable beam angle.

All the old models of our underwater lights including the small and large screwed Bulleyts, UL Ti MATE 75’s and 80’s can be retrofitted to LED. Our main aim is to always keep the same threads and internal sizes for as many years as possible to allow customers to upgrade units without having to haul the boat.

Urquhart concluded, “Twenty- years on, all those original lights I made for that first superyacht, still work every single day by the way!”

Naturally the entire range is Lloyds Type approved and benefits from 30 years in the field design and real world testing, indeed the very first lights fitted back in 1991 are still in operation to this day, a true testament of solid design and engineering.

Everything has led to this being the most comprehensive underwater light for the market at a price point that sets the new standard for the industry. Underwater Lights Limited continued to machine and produce underwater lights all the way through Covid 19 to supply yards all over the world.

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