Waste not want not


The earliest maritime civilisations recognised the relative ease of disposing of wastes at sea. However, it was the rapid industrialisation and urbanisation of the nineteenth century and associated concerns over sanitation and health issues, which saw the development of sewage collection systems on a vast scale, and which established the offshore disposal route as a bone fide option for modern society. Although this view has been contested and the offshore route for many types and methods of disposal has been gradually eliminated, marine waste disposal still remains a significant issue. Persistent problems associated with land-based sources of pollution, along with other issues including the over-exploitation of coastal resources, continue to degrade the global marine environment.

MARSAL Waste Management Ltd. established in Cyprus 2009 specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of waste volume reduction equipment.
• MACFAB bag press
• Sinobaler bin compactor
• Sinobaler multi-purpose compactor
• EXPLECO glass bottle crusher
• Sinobaler granulator/shredder

On a daily basis one can read in many marine journals about problems being faced with waste found in our oceans worldwide especially plastics. By treating waste generated onboard you will be doing your bit to protect the environment for our children’s future. MARSAL can provide equipment that can either bale plastic (bottles etc.) or granulators that shred the material into fine disc-like particles <5mm.

Multi-purpose compactors or balers and granulators are suitable for all soft waste materials and realise volume reductions of <90% plastic bottles, wrapping, packaging, paper and cardboard, tins and cans.

Treatment of galley food waste
The only hygienic and sustainable solution is to dry food waste. The Eco-Smart ES range of dehydrators dries raw food waste overnight, eliminating pathogens, unpleasant rotting odours, smelly compactors and the need for bin washing, reducing volumes and weight by 80%-95%.

Nothing could be simpler. Think of a sophisticated tumble dryer. Turning the food waste in hot air (85C). Extracting the 80% water content (which is contained in food) leaving a sterile bi-product of a dry residue (soil/compost) and 20% of its former volume/weight. The end product can be used in various areas i.e. commercial composting, anaerobic digestion (biogas) waste to energy plants and soil amendment as the mineral content greatly enhances the soil. The dehydrated liquid emitted is sterile/pure water so it can be drained directly to a holding tank on board (fresh not greywater), overboard into the sea or to main drains ashore.

EXPLECO GLSand glass bottle treatment & recycling
The storage of empty glass bottles and/or broken drinking glasses, plates can be quite a problem, especially onboard yachts where large volumes are generated.Introducing the GLS equipment which grinds glass material(s) back to a sand-like product which is 100% safe to handle. Volume reduction is 90% and there is no need to remove labels, a 75Cl Wine or Spirit Bottle is processed in 2-3 seconds. The bi-product can be used wherever ‘sand’ is used i.e. flower beds, rockeries, bunkers on golf courses etc.

Testimonial from a major
international management company

“With the reduction of garbage volume accumulation, this also has other benefits for our vessels, including increased safety due to reduced opportunity for oxidization (fire), thus greatly lowering risk in our waste storage and management programme, in addition there is an improved appearance for all parties that may visit our vessels.”

“With the above in mind, we would like to note that one of our managed vessels incurred annual shore side waste disposal costs of some US $12,000 we then installed an SVB2-S-200 Baler supplied by MARSAL and to date our disposal costs have been reduced to US $700, a massive saving which is far beyond our expectations, for continued trading in the same area.”

“As a significant reduction in garbage costs has been proven by installing this equipment, we continue in our policy to propose to vessel owners to equip all of our managed ships with balers.”

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