Water Revolution Foundation

Transparency is key

Hanna Dąbrowska looks at the development of the industry’s first independent tool to help accelerate sustainability.

Water Revolution Foundation is the first independent, international, science-driven, non-profit organisation started from within the superyacht industry that is taking the lead to neutralise its ecological footprint and preserve the world’s precious oceans.

Established late 2018, the Foundation develops the tools needed to accelerate sustainable change in the sector. One such tool is the Yacht Environmental Transparency Index (YETI), which scores and compares yachts based on their environmental credentials in order for companies to make more informed decisions when developing new concept designs and upgrades to existing vessels.

Version 1.0 of YETI was recently launched at METSTRADE, where the tool’s key details were unveiled along with its focus on the most impactful part of a yacht’s lifecycle – its operational phase. Calculated emissions, based on energy use for propulsion and hotel load, are expressed in EcoPoints and divided with the yacht’s gross tonnage, providing scores that compare a single vessel to the rest of the fleet – within a given class. By distinguishing between the size groups of <500GT, 500-3000GT, and >3000GT, YETI 1.0 provides a targeted approach to reduce EcoPoints and learn from the best in class.

“There are no sophisticated tools for the industry to measure environmental impact, which is where YETI comes in. In order to create a standard and have an impact on the entire market, you need to compare a variety of yachts across the entire spectrum – only then will you be able to define what makes a yacht better and what not,” says Hanna Dąbrowska, Naval Architect and Sustainable Design Specialist for Water Revolution Foundation. “There is power in comparison, the focus comes through optimisation and learning from the innovations of other projects. It is extremely stimulating for companies to see some of the biggest players in the industry collaborating and exchanging knowledge.”

As a joint industry project between renowned shipyards, naval architects, and research institutes, YETI 1.0 is a commendable example of how cooperation is vital for the industry’s success. “We are working within a highly competitive market, but the joint industry participants behind YETI have proven that a sustainable future requires collective effort,” says Dąbrowska. “Collaboration has made it possible to have calculations from more than 20 shipyards with many different types of yachts featured in one graph. The group’s willingness to share data with the Water Revolution Team, coupled with their accumulated knowledge and brainpower, have been formative in the successful growth of YETI 1.0.” In the upcoming quest to expand YETI’s scope beyond operational efficiency, captains, engineers, shipyards, naval architects, and management companies that can support the joint industry group with expertise and data are encouraged to take part.

While the groundwork has been done, YETI 1.0 can only reach its full potential if the yachting community is curious enough to calculate the YETI scores of many yachts. Input data covers a vessel’s general parameters, speed-power, load determination, generators, battery bank, and heat distribution systems. After submitting data and joining the fleet review, yachts will be given a comprehensive feedback report including a YETI score, explanation of the result, comparison to the rest of the assessed fleet, and suggestions for improvement. “By providing a feedback report, we intend to give concrete advice for upgrading the yacht, visible through an improved score,” comments Dąbrowska.

YETI 1.0 is forging the way for the superyacht sector to reduce its environmental footprint. Beyond its technical capabilities, this robust tool will catalyse transformative action and facilitate the industry’s shift toward sustainability: “YETI is not just a calculation tool – it is a pivotal platform to start up the bigger conversations surrounding sustainability. I am confident that this tool will equip the impactful parties who can drive change in the sector.”

To become involved with YETI 1.0, submit your data HERE. For interest in taking part in the joint industry group, please contact us at [email protected].