We have got a plan

Professional project management is a necessity in today’s yachting industry and it is vital we arm ourselves with the right tools to deliver projects on time and in budget

In today’s yachting industry, the trend continues towards more complex new build and refit projects. Without the right planning tool, managers and employees are faced with an increased workload and a potential loss of the current project’s overview. If the overview is lost, there is a constant risk of not being able to meet important contract milestones, not using resources optimally and a potential loss in quality and costs.

In addition, serious decisions made in project management are based on project planning. If this is insufficiently documented and not user-friendly, the entire project is at risk. It is also essential to map the entire value chain in order not to ignore an important variable, like a subcontractor.

Koelln-Jacoby’s beginnings go back to 1923, when engineer Friedrich Koelln went into business designing ships. With fellow engineer Werner Jacoby as co-director from 1957 on, the company offered an expanded scope of ship design services to the German civilian and military shipbuilding industries.

Today the company can draw on more than 20 years of expertise with new build/refit yacht management. Koelln-Jacoby’s greatest assets: deep knowledge, independence and trust, certified project managers and innovative IT solutions.

The company team consists of young as well as experienced project engineers, who all are well trained on our tailor-made Digital Project Management (DPM) solution for the maritime industry.

We at Koelln-Jacoby offer the solution (DPM) to keep track of the increased need for professional planning options. With our decades of experience in the maritime project business and our partnership with the leading project and portfolio management application, we offer the possibility to map processes from the broad spectrum of owners, owner representatives/captains, project managers and shipyard, transparently in real time. Through identifying bottlenecks and risk factors our DPM solution leads to cost reduction while successfully finishing a project. Furthermore, our application is extensive and powerful, but not every function has to be used to plan and implement a successful project.

One of the strengths of our Digital Project Management (DPM) is the integrated traffic light system. For example, the project cockpit provides an overview of the projects and displays facts and tendencies. The degree of fulfilment, resources, the schedule and costs are displayed using the traffic light system. Risk projects are recognised more quickly so that counter-measures can be taken


One of the important DPM features is the simple creation of a complete project plan within a few simple steps in a user-friendly and innovative way. This recurring activity is essential for every project. Let’s have a look at how it works.
In the first step, the work break down structure (WBS) is created by simply drawing it.

With one mouse click, this graphical overview turns into a list of project activities, in which effort can be planned and assigned to resources. With a final mouse click, the list of project activities develops into a GANTT diagram. In a smart way, amendment of the time bars can be made with a simple drag and drop.

In the upcoming ONBOARD Edition, we will introduce you to more notable features of our DPM approach.

For a general overview and introductory video visit: titvc.de

If you believe that the time is right for consistent project planning in the professional yachting industry, we have the following offers for you:

A. Entire management of your projects
(Big solution).
B. Provision of a DPM/PMO-Manager per project (Middle solution).
C. Project setup, training, advice and handover (Small solution).
D. Free of charge introduction to the
DPM-tool (Super small solution). The software license (DPM-tool), which we can offer exclusively with 14% discount, will be available through us.

• Quick and simple entry through training
• Ergonomically designed
• Reduced license costs
• Time-saving
• Real time project management (cloud based)
• Central project documentation
• Improved team communication
• Consistent reporting and controlling feature which increases transparency
• KPI overview, pre-fabricated interface functions

For a general overview and introductory video visit: titvc.de