Williams Jet Tenders

Ollie Taylor discusses the range of Williams Jet Tenders available for your yacht dependent on your wants, needs and of course size of the mothership

There is no doubt that Williams Jet Tenders has conquered the superyacht market with its range of class-leading tenders. Demanded by industry professionals, owners and charter guests across the world, Williams’ tenders are deemed the ultimate yacht accessory and have become the brand of choice for many of the world’s most prestigious yacht builders.

The company has continued to evolve and now has five distinct ranges: the Minijet, Turbojet, Sportjet, Dieseljet and Evojet – each catering for different sized parent yachts and owner’s demands.

These vital ship-to-shore vessels offer freedom and fun, allowing passengers to explore coastlines, scuba dive, tow a water-ski or wakeboard, as well as stow away easily within a yacht. Williams’ tenders strike the perfect balance between being technically innovative but also reliable, which is key for any yacht tender.

Superyacht migration trends show that many owners are increasingly seeking privacy away from the crowds that frequent the traditional blue-water havens. As such, they have commissioned more extravagant yachts that are capable of seeking out adventurous new destinations in style and comfort. The owners of these opulent vessels naturally require the largest tenders that can be accommodated, and this is where Williams is literally riding the crest of a wave.

So, which Williams is the perfect tender for you?

The established four-model ‘Dieseljet’ line-up is available for yachts over 25 metres in length, and designed with a choice of sizes, engine configurations and seating for between seven and 11 people. These stylish, powerful superyacht tenders have an abundance of space, luxurious features, and give the ultimate combination of people-carrying practicality and rip-roaring performance.

Many customers opt to tailor their Dieseljet to suit their taste or match their yacht, with the ability to adopt striking colours or change the equipment on board. Owners can even have their yacht name emblazoned on the tubes and embroidered on the seating. Williams Jet Tenders now also offers its Dieseljet 505 and 565 as fully certified SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) rescue tenders.

Due to the flexible design and engineering, Williams has been able to tailor its tenders to suit the most stringent requirements for a SOLAS tender. This means owners can opt for a rescue tender that not only looks superb on the water but has all the capabilities required of SOLAS rescue boats, including being capable of marshalling and towing life rafts, and acting as a man-over- board recovery boat.

This opens up more opportunities for yachts looking for a luxury tender that is perfect for guest transportation and fast-paced water sports in safety and comfort, and that can also be customised to match the look and name of the mothership. The Williams Dieseljet range is already demanded by many superyacht owners across the globe, but this approval allows owners over 500 gross tonnes (GT) to be able to opt for a Williams tender that can do it all – rescue missions, transportation, and day-to-day operations. It also helps limit the number of tenders required on board.

The Evojet 70 is a tremendous addition to the Williams fleet that was unveiled to reflect the latest ‘super-sizing’ market trend. The seven metre Evojet is Williams’ most advanced and luxurious tender to date – designed for superyachts of over 40 metres, capable of seating 13 passengers in comfort and powered by Yanmar’s 250hp 4LV diesel engine.

The development of the Evojet was a natural progression with many of Williams’ existing clients owning 30m and 40m+ yachts. Tenders placed onboard 40m+ superyachts are often custom-built, but Williams’ proposition is unique as they can deliver a semi-customised product in a shorter lead time, leveraging their proven engineering to create a reliable, innovative superyacht tender at a very competitive price.

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