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XO Boats expands its fleet by launching the new DFNDR 9. With a military-grade aluminium deep-V hull, XO created a unique concept that lets you explore the world with its varied and wild surroundings

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The name ‘Alejandro Agag’ is synonymous with electric racing. Founder of the Formula E electric single-seater championship and Extreme E SUV off-road racing series, the Spanish businessman and entrepreneur is widely regarded as an electric mobility pioneer, having recently won the title of “Motorsport Hero” at the 2021 Autocar Awards. The Extreme E and Formula E championships fuse together his vision for a sustainable future with high-octane entertainment. Exhilarating speeds and breathtaking locations see millions of fans tune in to watch electric cars race. Never content to rest on his laurels, Agag sought out the next frontier of electric motorsports: water.

The E1 Series was launched in September 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and it all began in lockdown. Agag was taking a walk along the River Thames in London with a close friend, Rodi Basso, and the pair mused that marine transportation ought to catch up with the automotive world in adopting electric power.

With an extensive background in Formula One, Basso is no stranger to motorsport, having worked with Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren. Agag mentioned he had previously invested in SeaBird Technologies, a company with a vision for making electric leisure boating accessible to all. From there the conversation turned to an electric powerboating series. The pair exchanged ideas about the technical aspects of the boat and event format, and soon after drafted a proposal to present to the UIM, the world governing body of powerboating.

Only a few short months later, Agag and Basso stood next to Raffaele Chiulli (the President of the UIM) as Co- Founders and CEO, respectively, of the newly sanctioned UIM E1 World Electric Powerboat Series. With His Serene Highness Prince Albert II present, a 25-year exclusivity license was signed at the Monaco Yacht Club to promote the world’s first electric powerboat racing series.

Fast forward to June 2021 and the E1 Series is fully funded and a new boat design has been revealed to the public via a digital launch. With the design validated, the RaceBird has entered into production with the expert engineers at Victory Marine at the helm.

The Finnish boating company XO Boats Ltd. has launched the newest achievement of its ambitious product development. The new DFNDR 9 follows the known principles of XO boats, yet taking substantial leaps forward in issues such as versatility and seaworthiness.

While the unique design concept makes DFNDR 9 an excellenct choice for adventures and watersports alike, it has everything you need to overcome the rough seas at full speed. While XO boats have always been known for their pursuit to challenge the status quo and to discover new dimensions when it comes to issues such as versatility, adventures, and ability to drive even under the most demanding conditions, the DFNDR 9 takes all this – and then some – to yet another level.

The DFNDR 9 is the first centre console XO boat for overnight use, which, along with extensive customising opportunities, makes it an exceptional multipurpose boat. While the open cabin structure enables enjoying the warm winds, optional walls provide shelter from harsh weather. The clever design allows a wide variety of uses, from water skiing and sport fishing to day cruising and challenging adventures. The aft deck and bow areas convert into enormous sunbeds while private head and berths for two enable a comfortable overnight stay. Equipped with two Mercury 225 V6 engines, the boat can reach a cruising speed of up to 50 knots.

The super strong XO military grade aluminum structure and deep-V hull design – another trademarks in XO design – make DFNDR 9 an attractive choice for a superyacht chase boat, as well as for professional use. The boat’s exceptional capabilities to operate even under the most demanding conditions have already raised interest around the world.

The DFNDR 9’s suitability to a wide variety of purposes outright dazzles even the most demanding boaters. No surprise it has made its way to professional use and to a chase boat for luxury yachts alike – perfect drivability meets sheer strength as the robust, safe hull structure is smoothly aligned with stylish design and smart details. You don’t even have to be an extremely experienced boater to feel confident at the helm – the DFNDR 9 co-operates very well and quite often saves the driver from several hair-rising situations. It requires a minimum amount of maintenance and survives even a bit abrupt head-first landings onto a sandy beach.

Built of the lightest, yet most durable material possible, the DFNDR 9 is also responsive and agile to drive. The light aluminum superstructure is extremely rigid – helping make the boat ideal for commuting, fishing, diving, wakeboarding, and any kind of other activities and adventures. Ample storage space hides all equipment efficiently, thus enabling thoroughly enjoyable time at sea. For the required accessories, plenty of rigging options are available.

DFNDR 9 is a true pathfinder, enabling continuous exploring even in the unknown waters. Combining a deep-V shape hull that is manufactured of the best military grade aluminum in the market with aesthetic design enabled by state-of-the-art fibreglass, DFNDR 9 is an attractive choice for a superyacht chase boat, as well as for professional use. It takes you reliably to the horizon and well beyond, all the way to new adventures and experiences.

The DFNDR 9 is first and foremost fun to drive but works ideally in sport fishing and professional use alike. Enjoy the up to 50 knot speed or turn the aft deck and bow area into enormous sunbeds and just take it easy. Private head and berths for two can offer a pleasant overnight stay – meaning longer adventures and more quality time. The extensive customising opportunities complete a truly personal boat with capabilities to exceed expectations even under the most demanding sea conditions.

While the DFNDR 9 possesses exceptional capabilities to operate even in the most challenging conditions, it has everything that makes relaxed overnight cruises more than worthwhile. While the clever design enables a wide variety of uses and extensive customising opportunities take the multi-purpose options yet to another level, sometimes all you need for an unforgettable story is the moment itself. You do not have to ride the storm at full force every time you head out – as long as you know that you can.

When you’re in a class of your own, there are simply no limits or restrictions, just opportunities. Whatever your purpose for boating may be, the DFNDR 9 is ready to go. It fills every role as if it was built for it. Confidence comes naturally when you know that you can keep going, even in situations when most would turn back. For true trailblazers, challenges are a way of life. We want to be the first ones to get there – because that’s what adventurous boaters do.

As the global demand for chase boats with exceptional capabilities to perform in varied and demanding conditions has been on a steady rise, XO Boats and it’s team is actively expanding its international operations. During the past couple of years, the company has substantially strengthened its presence in the Mediterranean area as well as opened doors to Taiwan, Australia, Canada, and Alaska.

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