Yacht Management Software

Online management systems will lighten the administration burden while increasing efficiency, enabling remote personnel to access important documentation from any location. Read on to view our latest recommendation for Yacht Management Software.

Total Superyacht

Veteran captain David Clarke launched Total Superyacht in 2015 after years of frustration with vessel management software designed by people who lacked any real longevity as crew. No one ofered automated workflow. This has remained a primary focus as the system has evolved. For example, the Crew Status automatically populates the Leave Calculator. Crew bank details auto-populate the Payroll module. Pay Slips are generated when Payroll is submitted. Engineering Monthly Reports are created from the previous month’s completed tasks and so on. The system, which covers all aspects of

compliance and allows the seamless real-time flow of information and documentation between the crew, yacht, DPA and yacht manager.
For more details visit www.TotalSuperyacht.com


i-Bos has been in continual development of its Cello Marine system and along with releasing a new version, ‘Cello Marine 2’, i-Bos are excited to announce a new web-based solution to access data anywhere in the world, namely ‘Cello Plus’. Cello Plus operates concurrently with Cello Marine to ensure that items including the crew details, certifications, leave

scheduling and payroll are being managed in an efficient manner. Individual users can be granted the rights to remotely submit and approve leave requests, drastically reducing the time spent crew scheduling. Cello Plus is highly configurable and offers flexibility to ensure that the user may only access data pertaining to specific crew members from a specific department on a single yacht to entire crew rosters across a fleet. In addition, Cello Plus can restrict features to a small subset of users, such as payroll. Both systems can be hosted using existing infrastructure from a yacht, or externally depending on your needs.
For more details visit www.ibosltd.com

IDEA Data Solutions

IDEA Data Solutions GmbH, located in Dusseldorf, Germany, was founded in 2001. Since then, they have been developing and distributing yacht management software primarily for clients based in Europe, and the US. To date, the team have successfully completed more than 1,000 projects, ranging from 20m yachts, to more than 150m sophisticated superyachts. IDEA design sophisticated technological solutions to enable the effective and efficient management of yachts, safeguarding

crew and passengers, and protecting the yacht and its valuable assets are the priority. IDEA Data Solutions include a core vessel database, inventory, stock control and purchasing, document management, maintenance management, engine room logging, and safety management system, that complies with International Safety Management (ISM) standards. They recognise that all yachts are unique, and accordingly, the yacht management software can be customised to suit the individual needs and requirements of the end users, whether this is a single yacht or a fleet of yachts. The excellent customer service defines them. They partner with clients throughout the project lifecycle, providing support and training during the design and build, as well as a dedicated after-sales service always on call.
For more details visit www.idea-yacht.com

Plan M8

Have you ever been forced into making alternative plans for guests ashore? The disappointment of an unexpected failure or breakdown can be avoided. Implementing a structured planned maintenance schedule such as Plan M8 (‘plan mate’) not only ensures your equipment and machinery on board is maintained through continuous monitoring at all times, it assures all your yacht maintenance is planned. You will see a reduction in downtime, and the need for emergency repairs, as equipment is maintained before it fails. Operating costs are reduced as optimum service life is given to components, minimising the frequency of breakdowns, assuring you as the operator ‘peace of mind’ knowing your yachts reliability is at a maximum. Plan periodic tasks, log routine maintenance tasks and build a detailed history of your yacht’s components on the

go. Plan M8 can of course be tailor-made for individual vessels with custom-designed templates and simple data entry right at your fingertips.
For more details visit www.planm8.io

MASTEX Software

MXSuite is the simple software solution for yacht management. It’s easy to use and packed with possibilities. The wide range of modules helps you face the challenges of today. Whether you want to keep track of work and rest hours, schedule maintenance tasks and safety drills, or manage all your documents and certificates, the software is designed to give you just what you need. Mastex Software is the total solution provider for fleet management, made simple. With

over 15 years of experience in solving onboard and onshore challenges, you are assured of a professional and reliable partner that creates innovative software and offers high-quality service. The fleet management software can save you money and help you forecast maintenance costs. The best thing? You can access MXSuite anytime, on any device, thanks to the browser-based interface. That way, you are always on top of things and pro-active, so you won’t be surprised! MXSuite has solutions for any vessel and for every situation. Whether you have a large crew and want to make sure everyone only accesses their assigned area, or whether you have a smaller yacht and want to start with the free license; the team are there for you.
For more details visit www.mastexsoftware.com


Seamless crew management, is the mantra at Yachtcru. Their goal is to transform the painful grind of admin. This spring Yachtcru are taking another step forward by launching a revolutionary Leave Tracking Module.

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets

  • Click and drag to add a leave period
  • Plan 18 months in advance
  • Crew view their leave record
  • Delegate access to HoD’s
  • Track flight types and costs

If you have a complex rotational leave situation that only Einstein can work out, Yachtcru can help. Go to their website to find out about their other modules which include a top notch Hours of Rest system linked to the Leave module and Crew Certificate tracking. Future plans include salary management and so much more. Knocking the rough edges off paperwork one at a time.
For more details visit www.yachtcru.com


Manage is a platform developed to provide services and products for yacht management. Simply buy your own plan, and log into their office, connect with the team, negotiate contracts, track projects. A suite of tools includes The Hub where you can connect with your managers and follow the progress of the activities. The suite of tools have been designed to cover all management departments. Owners, crew and maritime companies can now access smart services to improve their performance and meet a wide variety of needs

quickly and safely. There are several plans YManage offer; a plan for owners, crew and companies, with the possibility of purchasing additional packages from their platform. Each plan can be customised at any time and can be managed by the users with complete autonomy. Of course this is all digital but with a human touch, YManage strength lies within its support and a team that is always available and ready to offer support when required. Whether you prefer to use digital solutions or your personal assistant, YManage is at your side.
For more details visit www.ymanage.net


DEEP Blue covers all aspects of the yacht operations. It has been refined to facilitate the communication of administrative and technical information between the crew, the management company, and family offices. Effectively easing the workload for officers, pursers and managers and securing the communication flow between the yacht and its owner’s team ashore. Since its release in 2013, over 160 yachts between 25m to 120m and numerous international management agencies and family offices have chosen DEEP Blue. By installing shared procedures, all parties can increase security and bring value

both to everyone’s work onboard and to the owner’s Asset, with optimum transparency. They provide a turn-key solution for new builds and operational yachts with a PMS module with an equipment list and a related planned maintenance programme. Set up includes the import of a geo-located equipment list provided by the shipyard during construction with OEM manuals.
For more details visit www.deepbluesw.com