Yachtwerft Meyer – Designer

ONBOARD talks to the design office of Yachtwerft Meyer to discover the design process that enables them to achieve impressive, timeless and elegant tenders and equipment – year after year and what the future holds

In the world of superyachts and their tenders, where luxury and innovation go hand in hand, Yachtwerft Meyer has established itself as one of the leading names. For almost 30 years, this renowned company has been known for its exquisite tender boats, perfectly tailored to the needs of superyachts and their clients. But what makes Yachtwerft Meyer so special?

One key lies in their young and innovative design team, constantly setting new standards and redefining the boundaries of modern tender construction. Today, we are speaking with the Head Designer of the company, Martin Jünemann.

The design office of Yachtwerft Meyer is one of the cornerstones of the company, a place where creativity, passion, and technical know-how come together. The design team is characterised by its unwavering dedication to innovation. Led by designer Martin Jünemann and his team, Lennart Jerrentrup & Elias Sternberg, the design office has contributed to the company’s high reputation for innovative solutions and outstanding designs of the highest quality.

Another key core to the success of the design office lies in its close collaboration with talented engineers and boat builders in-house. Through continuous dialogue and exchange of ideas, unique and innovative solutions are developed that exceed expectations and set new standards.

A central focus of the design office is the development of tender boats for superyachts. They must not only meet the highest standards in terms of design and luxury but also be practical and functional. The team at Yachtwerft Meyer has made it their mission to meet this challenge with excellence and to meet every customer’s needs.

The portfolio is impressively diverse, with a wide range of designs ranging from open tenders to luxurious limousines and catamarans, all tailored to the mother ship, reflecting the personality and style of its owner.

What are the specific challenges and differences in the design process for both the semi-custom and full-custom sectors?
In the realm of design, particularly in the Full- Custom segment, we engage extensively with customers’ preferences during the planning phase, striving for the best outcome and innovative solutions through collaboration. We tailor the design specifically to the mothership, taking into account factors such as passenger count, layout, and interior requirements. Additionally, we pay attention to climate, lighting, stabilizers, propulsion, fuel consumption, weight distribution, garage space, and ingress/egress.

Consequently, construction times for Full-Custom projects are typically longer, whereas our Semi- Custom lines offer shorter turnaround times by utilising a base design adaptable to various equipment configurations. We offer both open (chase boats) and enclosed boats, allowing for different layouts and lengths despite sharing the same foundation. In the Semi-Custom realm, we now cover a range from 6.5 to 12 metres. Our in-house design team oversees the entire construction process, from initial drawings to fabrication, maintaining continuous communication with clients.

Across our semi-custom and full custom offerings, our products set a high standard for quality and provide an exclusive waterborne experience akin to a private jet for maritime adventures.

A look at their latest creation, the Impetus series, reveals a wealth of innovative design elements that delight the eye and enhance functionality. From distinctive lines to custom materials – every detail is carefully considered and tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.

Head of Design Martin Jünemann Where did you get the inspirations for the outstanding design? What distinguishes the series?
The garages on superyachts are increasingly providing space for larger boats. For us, it was therefore the logical step to develop a line ranging from 10.5 to 12 metres. The name “Impetus” aptly describes the intention of this product line – it stands for drive, forward movement, and dynamism. This line distinguishes itself from the classic-elegant segment and presents itself as sportier, more impulsive, and modern. Nevertheless, one of our main goals was to ensure the timelessness of the design. In this new concept, we have attempted to implement some expansions and innovations, including lighting concepts, stabilizers, an electric bathing platform, a digital interface, and other features. As tender builders, our main focus is always on ensuring that the product harmonises well with the mothership, the superyacht. However, the Impetus series also opens up new opportunities in the chase market – boats that either accompany the superyacht or can be used independently for day trips, fully autonomous and equipped with all comforts.“

However, innovation for the design office of Yachtwerft Meyer doesn’t just mean exploring new paths in design, but also placing a stronger emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness. With a strong commitment to advancing the use of eco-friendly materials and sustainable production processes, the team contributes to the endeavor of shaping the future of the yacht industry sustainably.

What does the future hold for tender design, specifically for Yachtwerft Meyer?
In recent years, the demand in the tender market has significantly increased, both in terms of requirements and the variety of usage options. Catamarans have taken an important place in the market, as well as open boats and limousines focusing on utility demands. There is a growing emphasis on details and comfort, with stabilizers now becoming standard.

Electric and foiling concepts have already been developed by us to meet the needs of a new customer base. Whereas in the past, tenders were often seen as small, inconspicuous dinghies, today it is expected that they meet the standards of highly technologically advanced superyachts. A significant milestone in our development and transformation was joining the Zodiac Milpro Group last year. The decades-long experience of the company and its specific expertise in the construction and development of utility boats create a connection between both worlds. This opens up new opportunities for Yachtwerft Meyer and marks the beginning of the development of new products and concepts in close collaboration with Zodiac Milpro and Hurricane.

Full Custom 10.2 m interior The upcoming change through artificial intelligence seems unavoidable. What influence do you think artificial intelligence will have on the design and construction process?
Artificial intelligence is significantly changing the design process and the role of the designer. For me, however, it should primarily be seen as a helpful tool that quickly provides new solutions and approaches that can be integrated into the real design with just a few quick taps and make work easier. Nevertheless, I am firmly convinced that we develop boats for people who have very individual wishes and requirements, which ultimately always must be discussed from person to person. Designers should be aware of this fact and learn to use AI to their advantage.


Three words that characterise your teamwork:
“Quality, Open minded, Aspiration.”

In an industry characterised by progress and development at the highest level, Yachtwerft Meyer, with its young and innovative team, has proven that continuous advancement is the key to success. By combining modern design, advanced technology, and a commitment to sustainability, the company has solidified its position as a leading provider of tender boats for superyachts. And with each new project, the company sets sail for an even more exciting future.

For more details: Tel: +49 (0) 421/ 98 50 39 50 or visit www.yachtwerft-meyer.com