Benetti Superyachts

Timeless elegance – Designed and engineered to remain untouched by time, every Benetti superyacht is built to exceed the expectations of every shipowner it will encounter, today and tomorrow
The Mission of Benetti is to build the most beautiful, reliable, technological, and innovative boat and to provide it with support anywhere and at any time. A mission pursued with great success by Benetti, the storied Italian shipyard founded in Viareggio in 1873 and now part of the Avigliana-based Group, which is recognised worldwide as undisputed leader in the luxury yacht sector.

A byword for the excellence of Italian-made luxury, Benetti produces a line of composite superyachts from 34 to 44 metres and steel megayachts from 37 to over 100 metres. All of Benetti’s production is concentrated in its Viareggio and Livorno shipyards, of which the latter, with a total surface area of 240,000 square metres, is the world’s largest.

Benetti designs six lines of yachts that meet the wishes of owners seeking the ideal solution for life at sea. The Class line includes composite models from 34 to 44 metres. B.Yond is the Voyager family with a hybrid propulsion system and exceptional onboard liveability on both short and long cruises thanks to steel hulls that allow navigation in all sea conditions. Benetti’s Oasis offering is the brand’s take on a new lifestyle concept that amplifies contact with the water and the authenticity of life lived on board in a dynamic and informal style.

Benetti B.Now is a fleet of four models ranging in length from 50 to 72 metres. Designed by UK-based firm RWD, they stand out for their new geometrical exterior styling and layouts customised according to owners’ detailed specifications. Benetti B.Century is a line of four models of various lengths, all custom yachts built on the same shared platform. And lastly, Benetti Custom offers yachts from 48 to over 100 metres in two product classes, Mega and Giga. Each yacht is made to measure and characterised by excellence in terms of materials, style and craftsmanship.

Benetti’s flagship Giga class yachts bear witness to the yard’s formidable design capability, which is based on the company’s know-how and highly skilled workforce. A high note in both the history of Benetti and in full-custom yacht design was the Giga Season in 2019, when three gigayachts over 100 metres long were launched in a period of just 100 days at Benetti’s Livorno shipyard. This truly significant milestone reflects the brand’s commitment to developing new models and he investments the owners have made in the Livorno shipyard. As well as underlining the fact that Benetti is quite simply The House of Yachting.

Enjoying its 150th anniversary this year, Benetti is an Italian success story rooted in values that harness passion for excellence and spirit of enterprise with design capability and technological innovation. So it’s heritage and tradition on one hand and innovation and commitment to sustainability on the other, a winning combination that makes Benetti the first choice for owners seeking the best yacht for their particular cruising needs.

Benetti LuminosityTo celebrate this special anniversary, Benetti recently presented the B.Yond Limited Edition, an exquisite “jewel” which enhances the original design’s features, showcasing the craftsmanship of the Shipyard. The B.Yond Limited Edition, spanning 40m, cleverly distributes spaces and volumes, offering extraordinary comfort comparable to larger megayachts. With four elegantly developed decks, the magnificent vessel provides various relaxation areas for guests to enjoy or from which to admire the surrounding panoramas. The B.Yond Limited Edition offers as an option the E-Mode Hybrid propulsion system, developed in partnership with Siemens Energy, which optimises on-board energy consumption, making this Voyager the most sustainable in its segment.

This innovative system offers four different operating modes, including Full Electric which allows the B.Yond Limited Edition to enter marine protected areas typically off-limits to motor yachts with diesel engines, offering a unique opportunity to explore ecologically sensitive areas while respecting the environment. B.Yond Limited Edition is available for 12 months starting from June 2023.

Thanks to its ongoing research in the field of innovation, a strategy vigorously backed by Paolo Vitelli – who founded Azimut|Benetti Group in 1985 – and now carried forward by his daughter and Group Chair Giovanna Vitelli, Benetti continues to be a pioneer in yacht design and a revolutionary force in the boatbuilding industry.

An undisputed protagonist in the yacht industry, in Italian enterprise and in global change, Benetti recently consolidated its global leadership with the innovative Oasis Deck™ concept, launched in 2021, which has become a must-have on luxury yachts all over the world. Designed by Benetti in collaboration with UK yacht designers RWD, Oasis Deck™ is a brilliant solution for all owners keen to navigate in even closer contact with the water thanks to side wings that open out at water level, providing an unobstructed 270-degree view. The secret to the success of Oasis Deck™ is that it has anticipated trends and understands what owners really want.

Benetti OASIS 34M Sales figures announced by Benetti in recent months confirm the success of this innovative solution. The yard has announced the sale of a B.Now 72M and a B.Now 60M. Both yachts are being built with the Oasis Deck™ and will be delivered in 2027.

In Benetti’s philosophy, the concept of innovation is inextricably linked to sustainability. And thanks to ongoing programmes carried forward by the Group’s R&D department, Benetti is able to develop cutting-edge solutions that are also environmentally friendly. The outcome of this research can be seen in the B.Yond line, which grew out of the revolutionary vision of Azimut|Benetti Group founder Paolo Vitelli and the creative genius of yacht designer Stefano Righini. The Benetti B.Yond 37M is the “greenest” model in its class, spearheading the new four-deck Voyager series and embodying the style of the modern owner.

For this family of yachts, Benetti made a bold new choice by replacing fibreglass with steel. A step back in time to the 1950s, when Benetti pioneered the introduction of metal in place of wood. For many markets, steel is a symbol of durability and solidity, which are quintessential features of a Voyager designed for long cruises.

The focus of the B.Yond 37M project is the innovative E-Mode Hybrid system by Siemens Energy, which makes it possible to optimise on-board energy consumption according to specific usage profiles, which translates into unprecedented CO2 and NOx emissions reductions for a yacht in this category.

The same focus on safeguarding the environment is also found in the previously mentioned gigayachts. Luminosity, a gigayacht with a length of over 107 metres, is powered by an innovative hybrid propulsion system consisting of diesel-electric generators and two Azipods ABB units connected to a battery bank specially developed for vibration-free cruising in total silence. Surplus power is also used to charge 36 tonnes of batteries capable of keeping the yacht running for 12 hours without using the generators, a huge benefit when at anchor with no shore power supply.

Benetti OASIS 40M