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Chris Harris-Marsh looks at underwater lighting and the flexibilty in refit options from Bluefin LED

Bluefin LED are focusing on the potential within the refit market which is benefitting from the contraction in some of the newbuild sectors, most notably the smaller superyacht and production yachts. As these yachts change ownership, new owners are wanting to refresh or redesign to accommodate their requirements or tastes. Consequently, the big refit yards are already filling up with some yards already reported to be fully booked for the coming season.

With over 20 years of experience in designing and installing underwater lights, Bluefin LED want to apply this experience to change the perception that underwater lights need to be refitted like for like. Bluefin LED are empowering owners with the option to choose alternatives without creating additional labour and costly time in the shipyard or being beholden to the existing supplier dictating costs.

As metal halide lights are now almost completely obsolete and yachts fitted with the first-generation LED designs are arriving in the refit yards, the latest underwater light technology offers considerable upgrades with more lumens, reduced power consumption, increased efficiency and safety features.

All Bluefin LED Superyacht lights have over voltage, current, reverse polarity and active thermal protection as well as the highest lumens available on the market and are backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

Chris Harris-Marsh, Technical Director, explains that “By focusing our many years of underwater lighting expertise on the busy refit market, we can offer owners and installers some excellent solutions. All manufactured with the precision engineering that Bluefin LED is known for.”

Refit also gives an opportunity to discuss and advise on the layout and placement of lights. An older yacht may have had successive upgrades in the engine room leading to more and more components and equipment added. The original underwater lights and associated drivers may have been fitted in what was once an accessible location, but over time end up under generators or beneath batteries. Strategic foresight means that we can relocate these to more accessible and convenient locations making any servicing or future upgrading much easier and less labour intensive, so less costly.

By upgrading to the latest LED technology from Bluefin LED, owners will see their yacht transformed at night creating a dazzling array that optimises beam spread and projection that wraps the yacht in a halo of light. This quality of components is carried across the entire range of underwater lights, which includes surface mounted, drive lights and thru-hull models, so the yacht’s supporting flotilla, be that luxury tender, limousine or chase vessel can also be refitted in keeping with the mothership.

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