Nature’s Gift


Burma Teak from virgin natural forests is renowned for its beauty, versatility, and durability. It can withstand the frigid winter temperatures of northern Europe, covered in snow and ice for months. Conversely, a Burma Teak deck can withstand the spring heat of the arid climes of the Middle East. True Burma teak is often called the ‘King of Woods’ and has been sort after, for all sorts of marine applications for centuries.Not only is Burma Teak coveted for it’s durability and beauty but also for its panache. Having the ‘real thing’ puts the yacht owner in the same rarified air of the most prestigious yacht owners and the illustrious sailing vessels of past and present, those that have specified genuine Burma Teak for their yachts’ decks.

“Obtaining the high quality Burma Teak needed for superyacht decking is becoming very difficult”. says Bob Steber, an American living in Burma who has supplied the marine industry with superb Burman Teak for more than 40 years. Bob is well known in the yacht building and refit industry. Many people refer to him as ‘Burma Bob’, because he has so much experience in Burma forests and supporting Burman Teak worldwide. Bob says, “the past 50 years has seen a sharp decline in the area covered by natural forests. All of Myanmar does not produce the same quality of teak needed for superyacht decking. Only a few famous areas produce the golden coloured timber with slow growing, tight grain in long lengths favoured for decks.

Other areas may have been attacked by bees leaving pole bores that can make a peace of teak look like Swiss cheese. Some areas produce very dark areas timber while other areas multiple knots are present. Declines in
forest cover, different climatic areas and different soil types means that not all Burma Teak may be suitable for yacht decks and it is important to work with someone like Burma Bob to get the best teak from the first class areas.

Deforestation caused by illegal loggers has been a major problem in Burma/Myanmar’s natural forests for decades, while the country was under military rule. Now, with a new democratically elected Democratic Government in place the Ministry of Forest and Environment is doing much to stop illegal logging and is striving towards making teak sustainable for further generations.

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