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The essential yacht planned maintenance solution for luxury yachts

Planned maintenance systems (PMS) are central to the operation of a superyacht in today’s marine landscape. The functionality they provide, the information they generate and the value they add during resale are contributing factors in determining the value of these systems. By nature, planned maintenance systems are cloud-based software systems that are accessible from engine room PCs to bridge tablets and personal smartphones.

PMS software is the framework for a vessel to apply an effective maintenance plan to ensure its safe operation and improve reliability. Selecting the right framework for successful long-term use is the first step. Integrating yacht management support that clearly focuses on how maintenance can be grouped and how yard periods are best utilised will improve efficiency.

SALT SuperyachtsSALT Superyachts operates on the simple premise that owning a commercial or private vessel is an investment to protect. With 30 years of yacht management experience, they offer extensive PMS landscape knowledge and provide customised vessel management services that save costs while improving a vessel’s reliability and safety. By partnering with Seahub and implementing its dynamic and award-winning software, SALT manages the on-site and remote data migration and operational, technical and management services – a full 360° maintenance-focused management offering.

Amid the complex world of maritime rules and regulations, SALT provides a structured support system to navigate compliance and prioritise safety. All the while maintaining a vessel’s existing requirements, new regulations are streamlined and implemented when they come into force. They recognise the need for user-friendly software (developed by engineers and captains) that is quickly understood and is fully ISM compliant. With multi-department oversight that includes shoreside support, the owning company is insulated from the minutia of the day-to-day operation. SALT firmly believes that a vessel with tailored yacht management support and a fully operational PMS will rely less on shipyards and provide better credibility with surveyors during Class surveys. For owners contemplating new builds, installing a PMS at the build stage will ensure a vessel is maintained in line with the warranty and manufacturer’s requirements. With more control over warranty issues, there are fewer surprise costs for both parties.

The team at Seahub have evolved the system since its launch in 2016 to adapt to the changing needs of its global users. Part of that process has involved working with SALT to map out how the system can best support vessels beyond simply providing the software framework to manage a maintenance plan.

This process has looked at how maintenance plans can incorporate not only OEM recommended tasks but how they can be slotted in during times of heavy and light use causing the least operation disturbance. This all-encompassing approach to the vessels’ needs allows for the formation of more achievable and effective maintenance management and often more smoothly run programmes. Efficiency in maintenance means lower operational costs, less downtime, better safety systems and improved reliability.

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