The Burrasca Marine Hypercraft

Race Your Heartbeat

The Burrasca Marine Hypercraft by Belassi sets new performance and design standards in the personal watercraft category

Italian passion on the water paired with Austrian engineering par excellence: Belassi, the manufacturer of premium personal watercrafts, brought a 320-hp watersports vehicle to limited series production at the end of November 2020. The Burrasca master-fully combines craftsmanship, exclusivity and performance.

With the current Burrasca MK II, Belassi is enriching the market with a new class: The Marine Hypercraft is the right choice for those longing for more than a regular PWC. High-tech engineering, top performance and Italian design are combined to create a dream come true for motorised watersports’ enthusiasts.

The highly motorised, powerful machine is characterised by uncompromising forward thrust and a sharp, precise position in the water. The Belassi inhouse Design Department has been involved since the first generation of Belassi watercrafts and helped develop the Burrasca: “The striking lines – strongly inspired by motorcycle design – appear dynamic, compact and full of energy, proving a particular success.” The powerful heart, a turbo-charged threecylinder engine developed in-house, produces a massive 320 hp.

Managing Director Christian Hintersteininger, explains: “With the Burrasca, Belassi has launched a completely new product category in the field of personal watercrafts. Our goal was to develop an exclusive, limited edition watersports vehicle of exceptional quality which clearly stands out from the crowd. This is what our team of automotive, motorsport and vehicle construction experts in our state-of-the-art development centre achieved: the Marine Hypercraft. After many prototypes, tests and optimisations, the Belassi engineering team succeeded. The Burrasca connects the worlds of luxury yachts and sports cars in a unique way. It is an exclusive, high quality watersports vehicle – comparable to HyperCars. With our Marine Hypercraft, we have created a very special class of jetpowered watercraft.

The cockpit and chassis impress with numerous carbon parts that combine maximum strength with low weight and a sharp design. The Belassi engineers have also achieved a masterpiece with the boat hull. Thanks to the ingenious hydrodynamics and the various stabilizers, extreme cornering speeds with up to 4g acceleration are possible with the Burrasca. Nico Lasselsberger, Powertrain Project Manager at Belassi, and himself a former PWC Racer, explains: “The Burrasca is as sophisticated as it is balanced, because the tight integration of the engine and the drivetrain is in perfect synergy. This makes it stand out in terms of handling, driving performance and acceleration. The hull geometry, inlet pump channel and drivetrain harmonise perfectly.”

In the Belassi factory in Leiben, Lower Austria,engine development, engineering and product design join forces to realise a shared vision. “We wanted to revolutionise the world of personal watercrafts and create a new category,” Hintersteininger reports. “That’s why we decided to develop an exclusive, high-quality, limited edition watersports vehicle that clearly stands out from the crowd – comparable to a supersports car.” Since 2015, Belassi engineers have been working hand in hand on the development of the Burrasca. A large number of prototypes and countless test runs were completed until the Marine Hypercraft lived up to the vision.

Nico Lasselsberger, the Powertrain Project Manager adds, “ One outstanding feature of the Burrasca is the placement of the engine and the drivetrain, achieving ideal balance. The perfect interaction starts with the hull geometry from the intake pump channel to the drivetrain. When it comes to the riding experience, the Burrasca’s handling, performance, engine power and powerful acceleration are all truly impressive. All of these components are flawlessly harmonised and coordinated.”

Lasselsberger, a former PWC racer who competed in the European and World Championships as a teenager, and in 2005 and 2006 was the Uni One world champion adds, “Another aspect that sets us apart from the competition is our turbocharger. Other manufacturers generally use compressor charging. The advantage of the turbocharger is that it uses the engine less as a compressor, enabling greater performance. In addition, our exhaust manifold is watercooled, which keeps the interior temperature low and also makes the Burrasca particularly powerful.”

“Visually, we can meet any special request,” says Hintersteininger. “What remains are its unparalleled inner values.”

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